Low interest in PlayStation VR2? Allegedly only sluggish pre-orders

Low interest in PlayStation VR2?  Allegedly only sluggish pre-orders

In light of sluggish pre-orders, Sony appears to have adjusted its PlayStation VR2 launch predictions.

how Bloomberg As a result, the company is reducing its guidance for the VR headset’s launch quarter, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Different than expected

So far, Sony had therefore expected to deliver two million copies in the launch quarter. This forecast was reduced to one million after disappointing pre-orders, it is said.

Sony has already informed its suppliers that a reduction in the number of display panels ordered is to be expected. It is now expected that 1.5 million headsets will be shipped between April 2023 and March 2024.

More on the subject:

PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22, 2023 and will cost 599.99 euros. For this you get the headset, two PSVR2 Sense controllers and stereo headphones.

Pre-orders of the VR headset have been possible since November 2022. Initially, this was only possible by invitation in selected regions, but now anyone can place an order via PlayStation Direct.

More than 30 games are expected to be available for PlayStation VR2 within the month of launch, including Horizon Call of the Mountain and a VR version of Gran Turismo 7.


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