Marvel Snap: Finally! Update brings a long-awaited feature

Controversial monetization removed from Marvel deck (1)

There are many, many Marvel games out there, especially for smartphones. But few have been as well received as Marvel Snap. Since its release in October 2022, the lightning-fast card game has enjoyed great popularity, even the ratings were surprisingly good. But one feature was missing so far – and that was added in today’s update. From now on you can let off steam in a brand new battle mode, in which you can now compete directly against your friends. Special rules apply to friendly battles: This time you play several rounds against each other and this time you neither earn nor lose any dice. Instead, life points are played – whoever first subtracts all 10 life points from his opponent emerges as the winner. As usual, you can increase the stake with a snap and retreats are also punished with life point losses.

You may not change or edit your deck between rounds. Because the players can withdraw, disputes are a little longer than usual – according to internal tests, the developers assume that it will take around 20 minutes for a winner to be determined. To keep the playing time from getting out of hand and to ensure more excitement, the damage points are increased from round 5 onwards. To start a friendship fight, there is a new tab in the main menu, under which you will find the option to generate a five-digit friendship code. All you have to do is send this code to your opponent. Here you can do more Background to the friendly fights read through.

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Important changes in the new patch

In addition to the usual bug fixes, the new update also brings two interesting balancing changes:

  • leader: The controversial endgame map has been heavily revised. Now its effect no longer copies all cards that the opponent played in the same turn. Instead, only the cards at the location to the right of Leader copied – the effect was thus greatly weakened. The energy cost is still 6 points, but the attack strength increases to 7 points.
  • wolverine: According to the developers, Wolverine used to be an unpopular card, but that’s about to change as its effect gains a useful buff: as soon as the card is destroyed or discarded, Wolverine will respawn at a random location – but this time with +2 power . This should bring Wolverine back to popularity in Destruction decks and locations.

Here you can view the full patch notes.