Netflix: How to prevent account sharing

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Netflix reveals how the upcoming suspension of account sharing will work – including exceptions for travelers and no loophole for “extra members”.


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At the end of last year, Netflix announced that it would end account sharing in 2023: i.e. the exchange of access data across the borders of your own household, which was not actually intended. After some measures, there is now an update on the streaming service’s support pages, which explains how Netflix intends to counteract this.

Netflix will assign accounts with more than one profile to a primary location, while allowing account holders to distribute and revoke device permissions. For this purpose, information such as IP addresses and device identifications are processed and stored. Streaming behavior also plays a role. There is a period of 31 days within which a device in the same network must log in and stream at least once before a new query for the appropriate main location is pending.

Using a device that is not associated with the main site without preparation may result in a lock. This can be bypassed, for example when travelling, by requesting a code that is valid for seven days. After this time, a new code must be requested, or the external device will be considered a stranger and will be excluded from streaming.

Netflix tested that primary account users could add additional households for a small fee of around $3. This can be found on the new FAQ page nothing. Are you looking for the function “additional member“, one only realizes that this function is not (yet) available here.

Instead, Netflix states that additional members should register and use their own accounts. To do this with little friction, the service has already added a feature to migrate Netflix account information. This includes favourites, lists, streams watched and more that have previously been created or retrieved under the corresponding profile.

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