Netflix releases account sharing framework

Netflix releases account sharing framework

from Andrew Link
Netflix has published the framework for account sharing in Germany and this comes with noticeable limitations. However, there is no additional fee for group accounts and it is questionable whether it will ever come.

When the last quarterly figures were published, Netflix had already indicated that it wanted to take global action against account sharing this year, after a few test markets had started last year. Now the FAQ has been outlined how this will look for Germany. Users must prove with their devices that they belong to the household. If they cannot do this, an additional fee will be charged for the contract account.

In particular, for users who do not share their account but travel a lot, the new set of rules will mean restrictions – and you won’t be happy to see that, because the honest customer has the disadvantages here. In the future, Netflix will monitor the devices registered to an account with their ID and the activities on the account. If use is detected outside the main location, the user must connect to the main location’s Internet access once a month.

“To ensure your uninterrupted access to Netflix, connect to the Wi-Fi network in your primary location and stream something from the Netflix app or website at least once every 31 days.”

If Netflix determines that a device is being used that does not meet the requirement that only people in the household can use an account, it reserves the right to block the device. Meanwhile, there was no talk about additional fees in Germany for account sharers. Maybe they won’t come at all, because if you introduced additional fees, you would legitimize the use of Netflix across several households and that would not make economic sense. Additional fees for countries outside of the 2022 test markets have been postponed and/or cancelled.

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Instead, you rely on restrictions and those who are often on the go will notice them: If you are a regular user but have not been able to verify yourself with your main location for longer than this, you can request time-limited codes from support to temporarily unlock locked devices for seven days. That may still be reasonably practicable for a 3-week vacation in southern Spain, but if you spend the winter in mild Madeira, you have a problem.

Source: Netflix