One of the best co-op games for two is now reduced by 80% on Steam – currently costs €6

A Way Out screenshot 3

In “A Way Out” break out of prison together. It is considered one of the best co-op games on Steam with 86% positive ratings. The game has just been reduced by 80%, so you can currently get it for €6 receives.

In A Way Out you play as two brothers who are stuck in prison and planning a risky escape. The game is an action game in the third person perspective that you play in co-op with another person. A Way Out attaches great importance to telling an exciting story, full of emotions.

The game is playable on the Steam Deck, but requires some extra effort to interact or configure.

Here’s a gameplay trailer for A Way Out:

A Way Out gameplay trailer

Work together to successfully escape

What is the gameplay like in A Way Out? A Way Out focuses heavily on the story and tells the story of two brothers in many cutscenes. It is also described by some players in the reviews as a kind of interactive film that grabs them emotionally.

There are always quick-time events where you have to react quickly and fight other inmates, for example.

As the game progresses, there are more and more different scenarios and gameplay aspects to discover: sneak past guards in good stealth fashion or think up suitable strategies on how best to smuggle an item past the watchful eyes of your watchdogs.

The game also features a spectacular chase where one player drives while the other shoots at the pursuers.

Decide again and again how best to proceed in order to succeed in your escape. Because: Your decisions have consequences for the further course of the game.

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Co-op is a big thing in the game: You can’t play A Way Out alone. For example, you can also play in split screen and can always see what the other player is up to.

The game also supports the Remote Play Together feature on Steam. So only one of you needs to buy the game and then share it with the other.

If you’re still not sure whether A Way Out is right for you, you can find a detailed opinion article by MeinMMO editor Max Handwerk on the co-op game here.

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How do players rate A way out? The game performs very well on Steam. Of the 26,415 reviews in total, 86% are positive (as of January 31, 2023, via Steam).

In the reviews, the players praise the game above all for its emotional, gripping story. The ending left a lasting impression on many. In addition, the co-op is found to be very fun by the users:

  • [ΠΞΟ]Dragonary: “Great co-op game, which makes you think at the end and gets a bit emotional. From my point of view absolutely recommendable! Unfortunately, the playing time was a bit short.”
  • ÐΞŁΞТΞÐ: “The most emotional game in my opinion. Brilliant story. Awesome graphics. Gameplay without flaws. Just brilliant, a must have”.
  • EineWieAlaska: “One of the most amazing co-op games I’ve played so far. It’s definitely worth taking a look. Important to know, this game only works in multiplayer. So you should first find a friend with whom you can spend a few hours in this game. However, only one of the two players must own the game.
    The story is gripping, interesting and surprising, so that you always want to know how it goes on”.
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How much is A Way Out? On Steam you can currently get the game with a discount of 80%. You only pay €5.99 instead of €29.99.

The Hazelight Bundle, which contains the very popular co-op game “It Takes Two” in addition to A Way Out, is also available at a reduced price. With a discount of 73%, it currently costs €18.70 instead of €69.99 (as of January 31, 2023).

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