One of the founders of World of Tanks is considered a terrorist in Belarus

One of the founders of World of Tanks is considered a terrorist in Belarus

Belarus (Belarus) considers one of the founders of Wargaming as a wanted terrorist. Software company Wargaming is best known for World of Tanks, a Free2Play tank shooter.

Nick Katselapov is Executive Director and Chief Business Development Officer at Wargaming: he is one of the founders and co-owners of the company. In Belarus he is considered a wanted terrorist.

The classification of the entrepreneur as a terrorist came from the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus, information on the classification was published by the Ministry of Taxes and Duties (via

What does wargaming have to do with it? Wargaming was originally founded in Belarus but relocated its headquarters to the island of Cyprus back in 2011. It was previously often cited as one of the most profitable companies in Belarus (via

Nick Katselapov is also said to be one of the 20 richest Belarusians and is considered an entrepreneur with a lot of influence in the country (via

After Russia attacked Ukraine, Wargaming company closed its offices in Russia and Belarus. The aim of the measure was to “no longer own or operate any business in Russia or Belarus”.

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Why is Katselapov considered a terrorist? The letter from the Ministry of Taxes and Duties shows that the entrepreneur is said to have provided financial support to organizations that are classified as terrorist organizations in Belarus.

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However, it does not mention which organizations these should be. It only says that the basis for the classification is Article 290-1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (via

The name of the entrepreneur on the list was discovered by the Belarusian daily Nasza Niwa (via, which is considered critical of the government. It is one of the oldest newspapers in the country and has been counted as an “extremist formation” (via

Belarus is a close ally of Russia and is considered the last dictatorship in Europe (via ARD Mediathek). The State Security Committee is considered the secret police and calls itself the KGB, just like the former and feared secret service of the Soviet Union.

It is currently not possible to say with certainty why Wargaming’s entrepreneur is now being sought as a terrorist.