Pokemon GO Launches Rocket Acquisition With New Cryptos Tomorrow – Which Ones Are Strong?

Pokemon GO Launches Rocket Acquisition With New Cryptos Tomorrow – Which Ones Are Strong?

Team GO Rocket arrives in Pokémon GO. The villains come with new monsters – what can you expect in the event?

When does the Rocket takeover start? The Team GO Rocket takeover starts on Wednesday, February 1st at 00:00. It runs until Sunday February 05, 2023 at 23:59 local time.

It is thus embedded in the current “High Voltage” event and also runs on Community Day with eF-eM in February.

What Happens in the Rocket Acquisition? Team GO Rocket’s villains will generally appear more frequently at PokéStops and in balloons. But there are also a few other bonuses.

  • You can use a Charged TM to unlearn the Frustration attack on your Shadow Pokémon. This is only possible during such rocket events and should be used.
  • Giovanni changes his Pokemon. Read the assessment of Crypto-Registeel here.
  • Rocket bosses Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff are also switching Pokemon, although it’s unclear which Pokemon they’ll get.
  • The Rocket Grunts also come with new monsters, some of which are already known.

But which monsters are worthwhile in the Rocket takeover?

How strong are the new Rocket Takeover Shadow Pokémon?

What new Crypto Pokémon are coming? So far, 5 new Crypto Pokémon have been officially announced for takeover. These are

  • Crypto Registeel
  • Crypto Alola Vulpix
  • Crypto Spoink
  • Crypto Elezeba
  • Crypto Watt tap

The following crypto developments also come into play:

  • Crypto Alola Vulnona
  • Crypto groink
  • Crypto Zebritz
  • Crypto Voltula

More Shadow Pokémon will be added as the event progresses. Among other things, the bosses should get new monsters.

Which monsters are worth it? None of the announced monsters are particularly suitable for raids or arena battles, and for the time being they do not end up in the list of the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

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However, some of them have a niche in the Battle League. Pokémon GO Hub PVP Analyst user JRESeawolf and user ThePokeGOHunter teamed up to share a related analysis on the TheSilphRoad subreddit:

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In his analysis, JRE47 gives assessments of the monsters in PvP. You can find his full analysis here (via reddit). We summarize the results here:

  • Crypto Registeel is a good monster in the PvP league, but the regular Registeel is even better as Crypto weakens its strong defenses, which make the monster stand out in PvP.
  • Crypto-Voltula is described as a “glass cannon” that doesn’t shine with defense anyway – the loss doesn’t make much of a difference. But it benefits from the damage bonus and is a strong monster for the super league.
  • Crypto Alolan Vulnona, meanwhile, is interesting in two forms: as an ice attacker for the Super League, and with “Cuddler” as a fairy attacker for the Super League and Hyper League. For JRE47, Alolan Vulnona is the most exciting Pokémon in PvP from the new selection.
    • In addition, Crypto Alola Vulpix would also be interesting for smaller cups, with WP caps of 500.
  • Crypto-Zebritz is categorized as “nice to have” and can be interesting in certain Hyperliga situations. But it’s not a top candidate.
  • According to JRE47, Crypto-Groink is uninteresting for the PvP league.
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Meanwhile, it remains to be seen which other monsters will show up in the Rocket takeover.

What are Crypto Pokémon? Shadow Pokémon have a few quirks:

  • You can only get them from the Rockets.
  • They have an attack boost of 1.2, so they deal 20% more damage than normal monsters.
  • At the same time, they lose defense and are defeated faster.
  • They cost more stardust to level up.
  • They always master the Charged Attack Frustration, which isn’t particularly strong. You can only remove them with a loading TM at certain events – like now with the takeover.
  • You can redeem Shadow Pokémon. Then they lose their attack bonus, but get an upgrade to their IV values ​​and they cost less dust to level. Still, with many strong attackers, it’s worth leaving them in Crypto form for the bonus.

Recently, Pokémon GO announced another event: At the end of February, Rayquaza will return to the “proto-rumble”.