Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Today with Elezeba and Candy Bonus

Pokémon GO Shiny Elezeba Shiny Zebritz

Spotlight Hour with Elezeba starts today, January 31st, in Pokémon GO. We’ll show you everything about Shinys, bonuses and the times of the event.

What is this event? Spotlight Hour runs every Tuesday night in Pokémon GO. For 60 minutes, the focus is on a Pokémon that Niantic selects at the beginning of the month. In addition, a bonus is active during the event period, which affects gained XP, candies or stardust.

Today you will meet the Pokémon Elezeba from the fifth generation of the game. It belongs to the Electro type and can evolve into Zebritz.

Spotlight Hour on January 31st – Launch, Bonuses, Shiny

When does it start? As usual, the spotlight begins at 18:00 local time. It is then active for one hour and ends again at 19:00 local time.

What bonuses are there? You will find Elezeba almost everywhere in the wild. The spawns are greatly increased and can be further increased by using smoke.

In addition, you receive double the amount of candies for sending Pokémon.

Today’s event is the final Spotlight Hour in January. An overview of all events of this month can be found here:

Pokémon GO: All Spotlight Hours in January 2023 and their bonuses

Can you catch Shiny Elezeba? Yes, the shiny version of Elezeba is available in Pokémon GO. With a bit of luck you can find a Shiny. However, keep in mind that the Shiny chances are not increased during a Spotlight Hour.

Shiny Elezeba and Shiny Zebritz

Is today’s spotlight worth it? Elezeba and its evolution Zebritz are not particularly strong as attackers. Those who only want to participate in such events for strong Pokémon will not be well rewarded today.

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However, it’s worth cleaning up your Pokémon collection during today’s event. The send bonus with more candies fills up your resources quite well.