Production numbers halved: Sony could have a PSVR2 problem…

Pre-order PlayStation VR 2: Another debacle - Sony hasn't learned anything from the PS5 (1)

Even after a few years, the VR market has still not caught on with the general public, although headsets are now being offered by a large number of manufacturers. That includes Sony with PSVR and the upcoming PSVR2. The company recently revealed that they plan to ramp up production of the coveted Playstation 5 consoles, and the shortage is likely to be largely over by now. When it comes to VR, however, Sony hasn’t had as much success as the manufacturer would like.

Lack of pre-orders for PSVR2 – Sony scales back

According to a new Report from Bloomberg Sony has lowered its expectations of the new headsets quite a bit. The company originally expected to sell two million headsets. However, that number has now been cut in half, with one million sales expected. The reason for this is probably that the pre-orders received so far have not been able to meet Sony’s expectations.

It is of course questionable why Sony assumed such high sales figures at all. After all, the headset costs more than the Playstation 5 itself, which you also need to be able to use PSVR2 at all. According to Bloomberg’s sources, Sony believed the launch roster of 30 different titles would encourage pre-orders, particularly new Horizon spin-off Call of the Mountain.

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