Sports: Renovations by Robert Lewandowski’s studio lets you restore old sports facilities

Sports: Renovations by Robert Lewandowski's studio lets you restore old sports facilities

Instead of becoming a top athlete yourself, you can also pursue a down-to-earth and comfortable goal in Sports: Renovations. You restore old sports facilities in peace and earn your thalers.

Save your old favorite sports field

The title is being developed by Goat Gamez, a studio owned by Movie Games and Polish soccer player Robert Lewandowski, and will be released for PC.

With Sports: Renovations, you can breathe new life into sports fields. You can bring gymnasiums, sports fields, swimming pools or playing fields back into shape. Finally, it’s the turn of the old basketball court in your own home that’s in danger of being flattened by a big contractor.

You can also expand your own headquarters, but also collect trophies and memorabilia. To make the squares shine again, you collect rubbish, clean the walls, repair devices and decorate the facilities. Let the wall paints, brushes and your imagination run free.

There are two modes in total. You can make life difficult for the contractor in campaign mode or really let off steam in free mode. During the campaign you will unlock side missions and new perks.

There is no exact release date for this sports simulation. The only thing that is certain is that Sports: Renovations will be released later this year.

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