Steam: New sale has started – these deals are available now

Steam: New sale with many game deals is online - these offers are available

New week, newer Steam sale: The download platform has the Midweek Madness section for more deals added. Individual PC games will also be available cheaper than usual over the coming days. Among other things, Lost Eidolons is on offer, which you can add to your collection for 27.99 euros – a saving of 20 percent. You save a whole 88 percent when you buy Star Wars: Battlefront 2 on Steam: You bag the first-person shooter for 4.79 euros. Anyone who likes brute mech action will get their money’s worth with Mechwarrior 5: You can throw yourself onto the battlefields for 14.99 euros. The JumpShip Edition with additional DLCs is available for 29.96 euros in the deal.

Steam Sale: New midweek deals

An offer is also waiting for you at Evil West: You can currently get into the Wild West action for 37.49 euros. You can read how the vampire hunt plays out in the Wild West in our detailed review of Evil West. A hacking simulator, on the other hand, is waiting for you with Hacknet: You can currently immerse yourself in the world of hacking in the Steam Sale for 1.49 euros – a discount of 85 percent. The Disgaea series is also on offer: Games such as Disgaea PC, Disgaea 6 Complete and Disgaea 5 come up with deals.