The best loot system in WoW: you have decided

The best loot system in WoW: you have decided

Loot in World of Warcraft is hotly debated, but you’ve made your decision. Personal Loot is the best – by a clear majority.

World of Warcraft is all about loot in one way or another. It not only decides how strong your character is, but also how chic he can look or which mount you roam through the game world on. But loot is rare and most bosses leave significantly fewer items than there are players in a group.

So a few days ago we wanted to know from you which loot system in World of Warcraft is the best. Over 1,000 of you took part in the survey, so we are now able to present the results.

Personal loot wins, more than half want it

The vast majority of you, namely 53% (573 votes) believe that Personal Loot is the best system. When loot is distributed directly to players, there is least drama and all ownership is immediately clear. It is then solely up to the winner to decide whether to give an item to others or keep it for themselves.

The advantage here is clear that the dice are not rolled “obviously”. Of course, the game rolls dice internally to determine who actually gets the loot, but that’s not stated in the chat. So there is no discussion as to why player X rolled need at all, while player Y would derive much more benefit from the item.

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For many, this is the fairest way loot is awarded in World of Warcraft.

You’re not quite sure about the loot system yet.

What is astonishing in the evaluation is that the years of “personal loot” have apparently ensured that the system is more widely accepted. If you think back to the discussions at the time when Personal Loot was introduced, then you could see many “doomsayers” back then. Many felt that personal loot would ruin the social fabric of WoW and that without “rolling” an essential part of loot distribution would be missing.

The fact that now, years later, precisely this rolling of the dice is seen as a disruptive element that tends to strain social contacts in the game, can certainly be seen as amusing.

Almost a quarter want dice and group looting

Almost a quarter of you, 23% (248 votes), prefer group looting with dice. For these players, “rolling around items” is simply part of the DNA of World of Warcraft and also makes it appealing. Of course there are sometimes small quarrels, but they are kept within limits and, especially among friends, hardly anyone takes offense. For the “winner” it also feels a little better to receive an item, since one has “prevailed” against competitors – although this is only due to luck with the dice.

Many see this loot variant as the fairest, because it is not decided “in the background” who gets something and everyone has to openly roll the dice. So everyone has at least one chance and it doesn’t happen that you at least “do not see an item”.

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Some want both, few want something completely different

Almost one in five, namely 19% (208 votes), believe that both systems have their place in World of Warcraft. Both personal loot and group looting are part of the game and can be used in different content or in different types of group composition.

For example, Koronus writes:

Both systems have advantages and disadvantages.

Personal Loot is particularly well suited for scaling events, as there are no problems with it [Itemlevel] are. However, it can happen that someone already gets items that they have, but someone else can use them. If Personal Loot were to calculate whether someone could still use items for Gearscore and/or Transmog, then in my opinion it would be unbeaten.

With group dice, on the other hand, those who still need it can roll specifically, but this can also result in objects that nobody can use.

Currently I’d say instances should have group loot and raids have personal loot because groups often have duplications, whereas with raids it’s important that every piece of loot is usable.

At least 49 of you (5%) are of the opinion that a completely different system should be used in World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, the relevant participants were very reluctant to contribute to the comments, which is why in many cases we do not know which system they would have preferred.

Did you expect such a result? Or would you have guessed that group looting is more popular?