The big YouTubers & Twitch streamers say CoD Warzone 2 is already dead – is that true?

The big YouTubers & Twitch streamers say CoD Warzone 2 is already dead - is that true?

On YouTube it already says: Call of Duty: Warzone 2 would have been dead long ago. MeinMMO editor Maik Schneider thinks this is a PR problem. You don’t have to worry about the Battle Royale.

Is Warzone dead? no Call of Duty is alive, Warzone 2 is fine.

I’ve been working on CoD topics for MeinMMO for over 3 years now and if Call of Duty had died every time the big content creators released condolence videos, it would probably be a pure … zombie franchise by now.

However, Call of Duty has problems. And that again at the end of January. Almost exactly a year ago we headlined MeinMMO that CoD was in the biggest crisis in years.

But that cannot be said at the moment. CoD MW2 is significantly more successful than its predecessor Vanguard and, together with Warzone 2, is one of the biggest games on Steam (via – plus the players on the consoles and the launcher.

A comparison of the streaming data from Twitch also shows that things are going better in January 2023 than a year earlier. You could record a good 5 million more viewer hours in January, despite a Twitch crisis.

  • January 2022: approx. 48 million – Vanguard/Warzone
  • January 2023: approx. 53 million – CoD MW2/Warzone

So why do many big creators see the second Warzone at the end? Because there are 2 different types of players and Call of Duty would like to be easier instead of orienting itself towards the frequent players.

If you’re on PlayStation, be sure to grab the free Season 1 Battle Pack with PS Plus. You can see the items in the video here:

CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Battle Pack Season 1 for PS Plus – Trailer

Call of Duty has a PR problem

Modern Warfare 2 did almost everything right up until the release. You could generate hype. After CoD: Cold War (2020) and Vanguard (2021) caused shrinking player numbers on PC and console, MW2 hit the nerve again. Boom – most successful CoD premium release ever.

But since then, the media has been in a downward spiral. The “loud” community on Twitch, reddit, Twitter agreed: Many of MW2’s design decisions make the game less fun for them. Not just for them – of course they spoke for the whole community.

Some things you can’t disagree with. No game statistics were saved when MW2 started, and the system is still not active in Warzone 2. A real low blow for fans, also for me an absurdity. The general menu navigation is also underground.

However, many gameplay choices are different.

This is where content creators, frequent gamers and casual gamers face each other. Those who just want to quickly farm a few kills an hour after work. Modern Warfare 2 was made for these players. Call of Duty is for these players.

Even before the release of MW2, this discussion was already coming up for multiplayer:

Casuals vs. hardcore players: Modern Warfare 2 alienates its biggest fans in order to be more successful

However, casual gamers don’t immediately rush to Twitter with a post complaining about the state of the game. Casuals don’t get stuck in this bubble. For them, these one or two hours in the evening decide whether the game is good, whether it’s fun.

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Warzone and Call of Duty in general have a PR problem as a result. While you actually have a healthy player base that any other shooter would be happy about, Warzone says: The game is dead, dead is hardly possible. And this part of the community is clearly louder.

The news account @ModernWarzone on Twitter has summarized in a video what wishes “the community” has for Warzone 2 (via

While you can still go along with most of the demands in terms of “Quality of Life” or “Economy”, the desired gameplay adjustments in particular are heavily tailored to frequent players:

  • Time to kill should be increased
  • Hip fire while sliding
  • Reduced aiming time
  • Bunny hopping
  • Faster animation for actions

Many players who spend more time in Call of Duty wish for a bigger skill gap. This means that if you play longer, you should also benefit greatly from it.

In the video, Doug from ModernWarzone even claims that there is no skill gap in Warzone 2. If you put a casual player with a maximum of 10 hours of play a week in a lobby against a frequent player with 20 to 30 hours, you would have proof to the contrary. Even here there are worlds in between.

Here I link you to a few more videos from major content creators who see Warzone 2 at the end:

Warzone is dead, long live Warzone!

Did the bad PR hurt the game? Yes. Could things have gone better at release? In any case. Is Warzone over? Not for a long time.

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Call of Duty continues to be one of the biggest games in the world, attracting a lot of attention with each new season launch. Even if a lot of potential has remained, players are disappearing in droves – Warzone 2 is still a long way from the servers being shut down.

But that is also part of “YouTube entertainment”. People like to exaggerate here to make it clear that they have something important to say. You want to put an exclamation mark.

If you enjoy the new Warzone, then you can be sure that you can play the Battle Royale for a long time to come. Even new content should be secured for the next few years.

Maybe it will look better after the start of Season 2 – and the Warzone will experience its next heyday. Here you can find all information about the new Season 2.

How do you feel about the topic? I am very interested in your opinion on the subject. leave a comment