The Forest: Finding the chainsaw made easy

The Forest Map

The Forest is full of dangers, but also gives you plenty of tools to deal with them. Like the chainsaw for example. If you want to know how and where to find them in The Forest, you’ve come to the right place.

The Forest: Where’s the Chainsaw?

In Cave #3: The chainsaw is just lying there on a table just waiting for you to collect it. Conveniently, the right petrol is also available directly.

But beware: Ideally Do you already own the climbing axe?to maneuver through the cave. If you don’t have them with you, you’ll have to take detours and ideally enter Cave 3 via a different entrance.

How to find the cave: Here is the in game map of The Forest that you can find in game (a better one, interactive map of The Forest you can find here. The cave entrance circled in red on the far right marks the entrance of Cave 3, which is discussed here:

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  • In the eastern part of the peninsula From The Forest there is a river of sorts between the large crater hole and the shore. You can use this as a guide and you will find three white tents roughly in the middle.
  • By those three white tents there is a small, narrow cave entrance just above. As you approach the crevice, you will see a button prompt and press E to squeeze through the crevice.
  • In the cave the easiest and quickest way is to go straight ahead.
  • At the crossroads with the three corpses hanging from the ceiling you go to the right.
  • Here you need the axe: Climb down the wallwhich you can easily use with the ax (you can get down here without an ax, but not up).
  • At the bottom, follow the path, go not to the right, but straight ahead.
  • Climb down the hanging rope.
  • Continue straight ahead and tadaaa: Here you will find some stools, benches and tables. The chainsaw is on the left.
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You can improve the chainsaw: The chainsaw in “The Forest” cannot be crafted by yourself and there are no classic upgrades for the part. But at least there is a possibility to stick a flashlight on it. In addition to the lamp and the chainsaw, all you need for this is some insulating tape.

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For this you need the chainsaw in The Forest

The chainsaw is only suitable for fighting to a limited extent. On the one hand, it causes relatively little damage, on the other hand, you have to restart your attack every time you hit it. The noise also attracts nasty, big mutants.

To fell trees the chainsaw can of course be used very well. So if you want to collect wood properly or remove unwelcome tree stumps, this is your tool of choice. The big building can start!

The Forest 2 is coming soon: “Sons of the Forest”. The PC launch is scheduled for February 23, 2023. Among other things, the title lures with a 4 times larger map, new AI, NPC companions and more.

Were you able to find the chainsaw like this? Which way do you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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