The Last of Us Series: How Bill and Frank’s Story Was Altered

The Last of Us Series Bill Frank

In the celebrated The Last of Us series we learn in the 3rd episode Long, Long Time finally features more of the two well-known characters from the hit Naughty Dog game Bill and Frank. However, the series makers have made some important changes to the game template here – which was received positively and with a lot of praise by numerous fans.

We tell you here how the Series differs from the game template and why the series makers die Story of Bill and Frank changed for the series.

Bill and Frank in The Last of Us game

In the game template “The Last of Us” by Naughty Dog, the two characters play Bill and Frank more of a supporting role in Ellie and Joel’s story. When the two on the Survivalist Bill When they meet, they meet a grumpy and bitter recluse who has barricaded himself to the outside world on his own property. Towards the two protagonists, he only briefly hints that he is a lost loved ones has.

Bill in The Last of Us © Naughty Dog

Instead, he rather reluctantly helps Joel and Ellie organize a drivable car and guns for their onward journey. They also discover them corpse of Frank, Bill’s former partner. Apparently he had had enough of Bill and when he was bitten by a mutant, he hanged himself before he became one himself. After their departure, Joel and Ellie leave Bill with his fate uncertain – unlike the TLOU series.

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That has changed for the TLOU series

The series makers chose the two characters known from the games Bill and Frank have their own background story came up, which is the main part of the 3rd episode “Long, Long Time” and was well received by numerous fans.

There is some changes also in relation to each other. What was only hinted at in the games becomes clearer in the series: Bill and Frank are lovers … until (jointly chosen) death! Because when Joel and Ellie (in the series) arrive, they find both dead up. A left behind letter from Bill gives them clarity and helps them on their journey.

Bill and Frank in The Last of Us © HBO

the heartbreaking tragic storyHow Bill and Frank got to know and love each other, grow older together and defy the cruel reality outside, only to be caught up by it, is told by many fans celebrated and makes the episode one of the best of the entire series.

Showrunner Craig Mazin said in an interview about their mutually chosen death: “They reach an end on their own terms. As Bill says ‘I’m old, I’m content, and you were my meaning.’ That feels like a win to me.”

Co-developer of the series and creator of the game Neill Druckmann adds that it was important for her in the series that Joel in particular recognizes from the example of Bill and Frank that there is a positive and desirable image of a long-term, fulfilling and loving relationship that can even survive the adverse conditions of an apocalyptic pandemic. This is where the theme comes into play hope plays a crucial role:

“The whole thing is about hope and humanity being able to have hope and believe in hope. There is a possibility that people will achieve some kind of peace and happiness and love in this world.”

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