The Mandalorian: Is this why the Mandalorians unite in battle?

Baby Yoda aka Grogu out "The Mandalorian"

There’s just over four weeks until the start of Season 3 of The Mandalorian. We have already summarized the most important open questions left by the trailer here.

When on March 1st the first new episode of the Starwarsseries on Disney+ is released, we will know how the journey of “Mando” Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and grogu goes on. The latter had himself in interlude The Book of Boba Fett yes determined not to follow the teachings of jedi to follow. So now it’s up to Mando to turn his little green charge into a Mandalorian.

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Many tasks for the mando

In addition, he has other tasks: As we see in the trailer for season three, it is up to Mando to unite the sometimes divided Mandalorian clans and lead them into battle. Before that, however, he will try to get into the mines of mandalore cleansing of his offenses – primarily meaning that he took off his helmet in front of strangers, which his clan actually forbids him to do.

Then there’s his conflict with Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackoff), who wants to challenge him for the Darksaber and thus the rulership of Mandalore. So there’s a lot for Din Djarin to do – too much to fit into eight episodes in a season?

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As we already know that the series is in season three for the first time also on Mandalore plays himself and that Mando wants to unite the different clans behind him, the question naturally arises as to which one common goal they will all fight.

Why does the once-loner take on the difficult task of convincing other Mandalorians to join him in battle? And why should they be persuaded at all? Could the answer be Grogu?

What other role will Grogu play in The Mandalorian? © Disney/Lucasfilm

Will The Mandalorian fight for the children of the galaxy?

The term “Mandalorian” has always meant not a single species, but at least in Din Djarin’s clan, the Children of the Watch, a coalition of foundlings from all corners of the galaxy. That’s where Grogu might come in, who’s also a homeless after all foundling is.

It is quite possible that Mando’s motivation for the fight for Mandalore will be the future of Grogu. Because if he is to grow up as a Mandalorian, it can only be in Mando’s interest to make the devastated planet a safe place again. Possibly also to a place where foundlings from around galaxy are welcome and can grow up in safety.

The beginning of Grogu’s instruction in the ways of the Mandalorians, Din Djarin’s cleansing of his transgressions, and the conflict with Bo-Katan will certainly be elements of the season three storyline. But the great goal for which the Mandalorians are fighting together and which we have just speculated about will not be realized immediately, even after a successful fight. So let’s be surprised if the Mando enters Mandalore in season 4 orphanage opened.

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