The Witcher (working title): Series offshoot apparently relies on co-op and stylized optics

The Witcher (Arbeitstitel) (Rollenspiel) von CD Projekt Red

The Witcher has so far mainly stood for large single-player role-playing adventures. However, the brand could also expand to include a co-op foray into the near future.

After all, CD Projekt has some big plans for the brand. On the one hand, a new The Witcher trilogy is planned, on the other hand also a spin-off. This is created by the US studio The Molasses Flood under the code name Project Sirius and CD Projekt is currently looking for new employees. The job advertisements provide a glimpse of what is currently being developed behind closed doors.

The Witcher: Co-op, PvE and stylized visuals

A total of five jobs, it is said reddit, are currently being advertised at The Molasses Flood, which includes a Senior World Builder, as well as a Combat Designer, Narrative Director, Multiplayer Designer and Technical Game Designer. What they all have in common is that experience with Unreal Engine 4 or 5 is desirable, if not essential.

The respective requirements also indicate that Project Sirius appears to be an action game with a class system, in which PvE combat will be the main focus. In addition, applicants for the post of multiplayer designer should already have many years of experience with co-op games. In addition, there is talk of social activities, procedurally generated systems and non-linear storytelling.

Finally, Project Sirius is described as a “stylized game”. That brings back memories of recent leak of a supposed multiplayer project by Horizonwhich should also appear with a stylized graphic style.

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Project Sirius with a comic look?

What is hidden behind the term stylized remains to be seen, of course, without pictures. However, that usually means it’s an abstract or comic-like graphic style – which would suit the development studio itself.

The Molasses Flood has released two games so far: Both The Flame in the Flood as well as Drake Hollow relied on a strongly comic-like graphic, which was provided with a few dark elements. This could certainly also be used in Project Sirius, even if there is of course no confirmation of this so far.

In addition to Project Sirius and the trilogy, CD Projekt also has a remake of the first The Witcher game in development. However, the release is likely to be a few years away.