This is why you should NOT put an AirTag on your dog’s collar

This is why you should NOT put an AirTag on your dog's collar

Have you thought about whether it is a good idea to put an AirTag on your pet? We reflect on this idea with some real cases.

AirTag detected in a dog at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center in New York.

The AirTag is an amazing device that can help us in many situations in which we can be subject to theft or the simple tracking of our belongings, such as wallets with AirTag. Stories of stolen cars being recovered are the biggest hits but We have not thought about whether it is a good idea (or not) to put an AirTag on our pets. What do you think? The answer is no and here we present several arguments.

Apple says an AirTag should not be used on a pet

It is very common to see accessories for AirTag and more curious is to see that it already there are accessories for dogs in which the AirTag can be placed as a collar. If it were to escape, the person who finds your pet would have to have an iPhone or an iPad to be able to detect it. Although this is not the number one reason, the AirTag is a small tracker that could get into the wrong places.

AirTag on pet

By placing an AirTag on the collar of your dog, cat or pet, you can control it. Picture: The New York Times

Thanks to The Wall Street Journal that tells us many stories about dogs and AirTag, Apple’s tracker is shown to be ingested by mistake. For example, an owner had to track down your AirTag until Heard the whine in his bitch Sassy’s stomach. Another story indicates that a dog named Rose chewed on the device and unfortunately ate bits of metal and plastic inside. The most tragic story at the time of ingesting it was that of Luna. As much as he tried to vomit it, surgery was attempted that was not successful. Within weeks of the event, Luna vomited up the device.

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The AirTag, more than a lifesaver, can be a danger to dogs

As simple as that, It is a device that contains a battery that could cause irreparable damage to our dogs.. if the battery gets chewed or swallowedtheir organs would be exposed to suffer short or long term damage.

What to do in these cases? The best is get a smaller tracker that is not in their sight, that prevent them from being able to chew it or remove it easily. It does not hurt to have him with a necklace with his contact information, it could be through a QR.

Air Tag Key

The Apple AirTag is becoming a must-have accessory

As basic principles, if you go out with your dog, it is best to keep it on a leash. Also, if you are inside the house, do not leave any doors open to the outside. Y if you already have a dedicated AirTag to your pet, make sure it is not in plain sight or waiting to be ripped off by another dog when playing.

The best thing is to find accessories that are tailored and well attached without going to the extreme of squeezing their necks or, failing that, their bodies. If you can avoid the use of AirTag on your pet it is the best decision you can make.