Twitch Streamer Discovers Page With Gross Video Montage Of Her: “I Want To Scream”

A tweet from QTCinderella with the text: "I want to scream.  Stop.  Everybody fucking stop.  Stop spreading it.  Stop advertising it.  Stop.  Being seen

A website with fake recordings of major Twitch streamers has been circulated. The site contains sexually explicit images and videos. Now some of those affected are speaking out.

What is this site? The site sells manipulated photos and videos of larger Twitch streamers. These are so-called deepfakes, deceptively real fakes. The content on the website is pornographic.

How did the site become popular? On Jan. 30, a clip of Twitch streamer Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing showing his open tabs for a moment went viral. Attentive viewers discovered the deepfake website under the tabs.

Hours after the clip broke, Atrioc and his partner released a tearful apology, calling his behavior “embarrassing” and “disgusting.”

However, he emphasizes that he only looked at the site once and that he is very sorry.

Now some of the affected streamers are also commenting, including QTCinderella. The 28-year-old already reported at the end of 2022 how much it bothers her to be in the public eye and to be exposed to abusive behavior from spectators.

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Affected streamer is shocked

What does QTCinderella say? The streamer and YouTuber commented on the fakes on Twitter. She spoke about how she was dealing with the situation and criticized the reporting. As late as January 30, she published a post calling for the website to stop spreading.

i want to scream stop Stop the fuck everyone. Stop spreading it. Stop promoting it. stop

Being seen “naked” against one’s will should not be a part of this job.

QTCinderella also criticized the fact that “male internet journalists” reported on the incident thoughtlessly.

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The operator of a page for e-sports and gaming news had censored the name of the website, but shared a list of the affected streamers, which he has since deleted and apologized for (via Twitter).

For this reason, we have decided on MeinMMO to only share the names of the streamers who have publicly commented on the website.

A few hours later, the streamer took to Twitter to share how uncomfortable she’s been with her body since seeing the pictures. She destroyed that. It is so much more than “just” a violation of their privacy.

A tweet from QTCinderella with the text: "The amount of body dysmorphia I've experienced since seeing those photos has ruined me.  It's not as simple as

QTCinderella wants to sue website

In a short stream on her Twitch Channel QTCinderella said it would sue the site operator. The streamer was visibly upset and said it was probably not the best time to go live. However, she wanted to show what the suffering caused by the website looks like.

She also criticized the constant exploitation and objectification of women on the Internet. That is so exhausting.

If you are able to look at women who do not offer themselves or benefit from being seen sexually; who do not benefit from it. […] If you’re able to look at that, then you’re the problem. You see women as objects. This shouldn’t be okay with you.

“Don’t know if I should cry, break things or laugh”

Are there other people affected? Another affected streamer, who appears on Twitch under the name Sweet Anita, wrote that she only found out through an article on the US site dexerto that they were fake recordings of her on the website.

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She is giving up millions of dollars in income by not offering sex work and now her body is being offered against her will instead. The streamer said she doesn’t know whether to cry, destroy things, or laugh in the face of this situation (via Twitter).

The problem is not new. Photo montages of celebrities have been offered online for years. As technology advances, however, more and more convincing and frightening fakes are becoming possible, so the topic will probably occupy us even more often.

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