Undisputed [Early Access] Reviews

undisputed 3

Undisputed is one of this type of very original games, a fairly complete, complex game with good graphics, but looking at it in depth, is it worth it? You can confirm this by reading our review.

Undisputed begins with a good tutorial, which leads us to delve into the game’s mechanics a bit. And it is quite deep, you can practice whenever you want and thus develop your skills a bit.

Hits fall everywhere, which is nice, sometimes they miss a bit when your opponent moves well defensively, but you do have the chance to hit your opponent everywhere, which speaks volumes for this simulation.

Something super curious and that I find quite original and practical is that you can throw, for example, 4 jabs and depending on the conditions, they will flow differently and land on different areas of the body.

Something that I don’t like in terms of movements, the blows come out perfectly fluid, but the game gives you the feeling that your body is completely immobile, it’s as if you were a machine, your body immobile, while you throw an enormous amount of punches.

The number of fighters we have in this initial version of the game is quite good and varied, this really fills me with satisfaction. There are fighters of different categories and different weights. Each of these have unique and varied styles. It’s one thing to feel unique and different on paper with their respective stats, and it’s another thing to feel different when the controller is in your hand, and this is where the game shines.

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I can confidently say that I haven’t seen a resemblance captured as Steel City Interactive has done with Roy Jones Jr. At ultra-high settings, he looks totally realistic, even in his trademark stance with that lead hand low, moving in a circle while the right stands high and ready to fire on command.

I can honestly say, all the fighters look good, but Wilder’s rendering is one of the best I’ve seen in any sports game. The graphics are top-notch overall, even when the crowd is on its feet and cheering, which is definitely a graphics-heavy time.

I’ve seen some opponents wriggle out of a corner even with me trying to cut through the ring. Even in the later rounds, some opponents seem to have too much energy when stunned, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

Let’s talk about the Knockouts, these are varied, and there are all kinds, say, there are simply knockdowns, trips, and knockouts. But my complaint here is that there is no good dramatic animation when this happens, it is just a fall, but there is no more, there is no show, there is no good animation for this.

Beyond that, as far as knockouts go, the location in the ring where the fighter falls is not reflected in the next scene. You can take someone down in the corner, but when the minigame starts, the wrestler will always be in the center of the ring. This is not pleasant at all, in the case of a simulator that should be very faithful to reality.

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At the performance level, I can say that the game moves very smoothly, I have no complaints, quite the opposite, and the graphics, as I mentioned before, are phenomenal and realistic. At the level of sound effects, soundtrack and dubbing of voices, it feels quite good and very appropriate to all circumstances.


Undisputed is a great game, it lacks adherence to reality in several circumstances, but its gameplay is very good and varied, with graphics and character emulations that are quite faithful to reality. So I predict that this game will be a success.

This review was made thanks to a PC copy provided by PLAION.