Which one interests you more?: M2 Pro or M2 Max

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With the new MacBook Pro on the table, you may have considered the possibility of buying one of the new 14- or 16-inch models. Leaving aside the size of the screen, which is surely something that can determine the purchase of one of these two models, we can advise you if you have doubts about its new chips and how they work. We compare how one is and how the other is, face to face. With that, perhaps, things will remain for you a little clearer.

With the release of the 2023 MacBook Pro and 2023 Mac mini, we already have the new chips from Apple Silicon with us. The form of presentation has been like the first generation, that is, we have chips in two different formats: M2 Pro and M2 Max. Like the M1 and M2, They all have the same base. but they differ in some aspects and it is on them that we are going to focus to try to shed some light when deciding between one or the other.

We have to be clear that Apple chips keep getting faster. In general, each M2 CPU core is approximately 12 to 15 percent faster than the equivalent M1 core. And so on. The M2 Pro and M2 Max, you will get those numbers for the M2…add it up and go on.

To better understand why the Pro and Max are so powerful, we must first understand how the M2, which is the main base, works and handles.

With the M2, Apple addressed one of the biggest flaws of the M1 processor, which was the limited RAM capacity. The M2 can support up to 24 GB of unified memory, on top of the 16 GB limitation that made many would-be Mac M1 buyers hesitant to buy Apple products. With the M2, it also increased memory bandwidth from 68 GB to 100 GB per second.

While the M2 kept the same CPU core configuration as the M1 (eight cores, four dedicated to performance and the other four to efficiency), it increased the maximum number of GPUs available on the chip from eight to ten, slightly increasing the number of GPUs available on the chip. maximum graphics performance. The next-generation neural engine in the M2 is over 40 percent faster in machine learning operations.

Also incorporated in the M2, the ability to encode and decode ProRes video files, so the video editing ability is more efficient and faster.

Now, if we have to compare this M2 with the new Pro and Max, we have to say that these new ones are something majestic. The M2’s four performance CPU cores make it remarkably powerful, but the M2 Pro and Max offer double, which does not double the performance of the CPU. However, it brings 1.6 times the speed. As for the GPU, where the M1’s maximum 2 GPU cores is up against up to 19 GPU cores on the M2 Pro and a staggering 38 maximum GPU cores on the M2 Max.

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In addition to the M2 Pro it can go up to 32 GB and the M2 Max can go up to 96 GB. Memory bandwidth on the M2 Pro is twice that of the M2, and on the M2 Max, it’s four times. We can add limited USB/Thunderbolt ports and video-out support and there’s still plenty to set the M2’s higher-end chips apart.

M2 Pro and M2 Max, face to face

The M2 Pro and M2 Max are identical in many ways. Apple offers M2 Pro chips with fewer than 12 CPU cores, but if you get a 12-core model, you’ll get the exact same 12 cores offered in the M2 Max. The CPU power will be identical.

M2 Pro and M2 Max

Apple has limited the M2 Pro to 19 GPU cores, but the M2 Max can have up to 38 GPU cores. This means that if you need a lot of power to move, edit, in short, to work with applications or graphics architectures, the M2 Max is the way to take it to the maximum. Likewise, the memory of the M2 Pro tops out at 32 GB, but the M2 Max can handle up to 96 GB. And the memory bandwidth on the M2 Max is twice that of the M2 Pro. And the M2 Max is better at video encoding on decoding because it has two video encoding engines and ProRes video engines for the M2 Pro. That means that on some video encoding tasks, the M2 Max will be twice as fast.

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  • Taking all this into account, you should think that it suits you better. If your workflows are largely driven by CPU speed, the additional GPU cores of the M2 Max chips will not help you, which makes an M2 Pro a better buy.
  • If you need huge amounts of very fast RAM, the M2 Max is a better option.
  • Video encoding will be faster on M2 Maxbut perhaps not enough to justify the price increase.

Now it is in your hands to be able to decide on one or the other computer. Taking this into account, you should think that the 14-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro is priced from 2,449 euros in official stores. The MacBook pro 16, from 3,049 euros. You already know that these are the base models that are in stock. You can always add specifications which will cause the cost to rise proportionally. To give an example, if you want to buy the most powerful and top-of-the-range Pro, you will have to shell out 7,649 euros and that without Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro.

We hope it works for you This entry to clarify the doubts a little more about the big differences between the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.