WoW: Hotfixes from 31.1. – Affected professions, classes, raids and more

WoW: Gnome Engineer

With the hotfixes of January 31, 2023, the developers at Blizzard are tackling many areas of the MMORPG. Whether classes, dungeons, raids, PvP or professions – everything gets fixes, improvements and adjustments. These patch notes also contain changes that only come into effect with the ID change on Wednesday – including some rework of the Raszageth fight in the Raid Vault of Incarnations n.

Among the classes, there are various fixes for Monks, Shamans, and Hunters, while Affliction Warlocks get a mountain of adjustments. If you look at the professions, there are primarily engineering innovations. Among other things, the developers lend Tinkering: arc light vital correctors increased chances of success. The highest chance is at the same level as it was in Shadowlands.