WoW: Hotfixes nerf Mythic Raszageth, Kurog and Dathea on February 1st, 2023

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from Sebastian Glanzer
The Mythic hard bosses in Vault of Incarnations will be nerfed with the upcoming ID reset on February 1st, 2023. The WoW: Dragonflight hotfixes also have two nerfs for Raszageth in heroic mode.

Seven weeks after the opening of the first raid in WoW: Dragonflight (Vault of Incarnations) the developers have again collected enough data to determine which bosses are still too difficult. With the upcoming ID reset on February 1st, 2023 three bosses will be weakened. The developers are primarily focusing on the Mythic mode, but there are also some Heroic nerfs.

The devs have realized that mythical groups mainly fail because of Kurog, Dathea and the final boss of the vault (Raszageth). Guilds that are currently despairing of these bosses should have significantly better chances of surviving from Wednesday.

Hotfixes February 1, 2023 – Nerfs for Raszageth Kurog and Dathea (Mythic)

The following changes will become active with the ID reset on February 1, 2023.

Dathea, the Ascended

Kurog Grimtotem

  • The following NPCs have had their health reduced by 10% in Mythic mode: Frostforged Dominator, Earthforged Shatterer, Flameforged Annihilator, Stormforged Predator, Tectonic Crusher, Icy Destroyer, Blazing Fiend, and Thunderous Ravager.
  • Earth, Flame, Frost, and Storm Supremacy deal 10% less damage in Mythic mode.
  • damage from Burning Presence, Chilling Presence, Thundering Presence and Crushing Presence reduced by 10% in Mythic mode.
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Raszageth, the Storm Eater

  • Raszageth Health reduced by 3% in Mythic mode.
  • damage from Static charge reduced by 15% in Mythic mode.
  • The damage from Static charge is now reduced even more the farther the target is from it.
  • The magic time of the explosion of Unstable spark is now 4.5 seconds in Mythic mode (from 3.5 seconds).
  • Unstable Sparks now spawn with three stacks of in Mythic mode Unstable (previously four stacks).
  • effectiveness of storm surge reduced by 10% in heroic mode.
  • The magic time of the explosion of Unstable spark is now 6 seconds in Heroic mode (from 5 seconds).

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