You can only get an ancient toy in WoW for 5 days

WoW Goblin Weather Machine

For a few days you can get a very special toy in World of Warcraft. But you have to hurry, because time is running out.

Over the years, every toy in World of Warcraft has accumulated. What used to be a small, clear collection of around 100 items has now grown to well over 800 items. Some of them are no longer available, very rarely available or for impossible amounts of gold.

You can now grab one of these toys “for free”.

What is this toy? The “Goblin Weather Machine” ensures that you always have the perfect weather with you – at least when you’re not particularly picky. Because depending on the function, the toy lets a small weather effect appear over your character. This can be a storm cloud, but also clear sunshine or snowfall.

The weather machine always brings the perfect weather. Unless you are picky.

What do you have to do? To get the Goblin Weather Machine, you must link your account to your Twitch account. Once again you have to consume a full 4 hours of WoW content on Twitch within a certain period of time. Make sure that you also catch streamers who have activated “Twitch Drops”. The period of the promotion is:

  • Start: February 1st at 7:00 p.m
  • End: February 6th at 8:59 am

As usual, you don’t have to “actively” watch the streamer. If you are not interested in WoW streams on Twitch, you can simply let the whole thing run in the background and redeem the reward for the account after the 4 hours have elapsed.

Where does the toy come from? The toy originally came from the “Warcraft Trading Card Game”, which was discontinued several years ago. Back then, the Weather Machine was a special loot card. Currently, the Weather Machine can be obtained by spending a lot of gold at the Black Market Auction House and by being very lucky.

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The current method via twitch drops is likely to be the cheapest way to get this reward.

What do you think of this way of receiving toys? A good, useful addition? Or does it devalue the rare items that until now only collectors have?