Anno 1800 for PS5 / Xbox Series X/S: Differences to PC, no big DLCs

Anno 1800: ​Update 14.2 for download today, it's in the new patch

Four years after the PC release, Anno 1800 appears for consoles: the popular building game starts on March 16 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. In a current Blog entry goes to the developers of Ubisoft Mainz addresses the most important questions that players have had since the announcement and the live stream with first gameplay impressions. For example, they highlight the differences to the PC version. the Console version comes with the base game of Anno 1800, but contains all the updates that the PC version has received over the past four years. The big DLCs, which provide additional content for the building game, are not included on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. “There are no plans to release the season passes on consoles“, writes Ubisoft Mainz.

Differences to the PC version

However: For the release on March 16 are single cosmetic DLC available, with more to follow over the course of the year – including the Dragon Garden package recently released for Anno 1800 on PC. The user interface and controls have been revised so that the building game can also be played comfortably on consoles. There’s also an extended tutorial that brings beginners closer to the gameplay. In the multiplayer mode you are with up to 16 players; A maximum of four players per team can play in co-op mode. Cross play is not supported: Playstation players cannot play together with Xbox strategists. cross progressioni.e. cross-platform save game transfer, is supported.

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