Back 4 Blood: Support off because developers are already working on a new project

Back 4 Blood: Support off because developers are already working on a new project

As the developers from Turtle Rock announce, there will probably be no new content for the zombie co-op shooter in the future Back 4 Blood give. Instead, you dedicate yourself to a new project.

This is what the team of the rather small developer studio wants to concentrate on completely. Nevertheless, thank you for the successful time you were able to spend with the players of Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood: After 3 expansions and numerous updates, it’s over now

Back 4 Blood originally celebrated its debut in autumn 2021. Since then, a fresh breeze has been provided with a total of three paid expansions and numerous updates, before the title now comes to an end almost a year later.

The specific reason is according to Turtle Rock in the capacities that the team can muster for game development. And this is now exhausted with regard to a new project, which will also be a video game. “We have experienced a fantastic adventure together beyond the walls of Fort Hope,” the developers explain in the course of the post on their website. “This phase of our war against the Ridden is now coming to an end.”

According to the developers, Turtle Rock is “actually quite small for a studio that makes AAA games. We don’t have enough people to continue working on Back 4 Blood while we’re making another game – yes, another game! “, as it goes on. Nevertheless, you don’t want to just let the zombie shooter in co-op format die. Back 4 Blood is said to remain playable, but “it will be a little quieter in the near future” before returning “bigger, braver and better than ever”.

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