Hogwarts Legacy: Exact Release Times Known – Are PC Gamers Disadvantaged?

Hogwarts Legacy: Exact Release Times Known - Are PC Gamers Disadvantaged?

from Oliver Jaeger
Last night WB Games announced the exact start times for the release of Hogwarts Legacy on February 10th and for Early Access three days earlier. Console players are allowed to start the game almost a day earlier, which some PC users on Twitter consider unfair and question the 72-hour early access.

To the delight of all fans of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, Hogwarts Legacy, probably the current game of the hour, starts next week. Warner Bros. Games has now also announced the specific start times for the release on February 10th and for early access on February 7th. There are serious differences in the choice of platform. This is how players are allowed on consoles start at midnight, both on February 10th and 7th. Standard and Deluxe Edition PC players will have to wait significantly longer for the release.

PC players are later, which causes misunderstanding

In this country it is Starting shot for PC players at 7 p.m, almost a day later. After this announcement, some users on Twitter now feel disadvantaged and express their displeasure in the comments. The user “TSpanard27‘ explains that PC players will only get early access to Hogwarts Legacy 19 hours later than console players

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Many other commenters on Twitter are taking the same line, saying that PC users are at a disadvantage compared to console players. The basic tenor is that the 72-hour early access cannot be met and they have been more or less lied to about it. Another user, on the other hand, notes soothingly that console players are allowed to start earlier and can also access the pre-download, but have to pay more for Hogwarts Legacy (15 euros).

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How do you see the whole matter? Will Hogwarts Legacy put PC players at a disadvantage based on the arguments made? Use the comment function and let us know what you think. You must be logged in to PCGH.de or the Extreme forum to comment. If you don’t have an account yet, you can consider registeringwhich brings many advantages.

Source: WB Games