New Exo in Destiny 2: Lightfall will bring a smart Stasis ability to every class soon


In Destiny 2, Lightfall is not far away and Bungie is making every effort to show players more and more information snippets about upcoming items, skills and exos. Today, however, it’s all about the Exo Glaive, Winter’s Bite, and how it will soon enhance any Warden.

Which Exo is it? Bungie has unveiled plenty of goodies in its new Lightfall Weapons and Gear trailer for players to then chase after on February 28th. Among them, however, is one weapon that has made a very solid and, most importantly, strong impression on Guardians and that is Winter’s Bite.

Thanks to the Stasis element, this ice-cold glaive can slow and freeze enemies with frost shockwaves and even explode on contact. Basically a better and more mobile version of the Warlock’s Stasis Protected.

The weapon could thus be one of the highlights that Lightfall offers in the course of its well-known items. One thing, however, could leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Trailer for new weapons and equipment

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Exo Glaive offers a lot of mob control, but only through sacrifice

Here are the strengths of the Winterbiss: Winter’s Bite excels at controlling oncoming waves of mobs. Large hordes of enemies can be frozen and shattered in seconds. Using it could be an advantage, especially for PvE passages in which many opponents want to overrun you.

  • You fire off a stasis sphere that seeks out opponents with its own will, freezes them and, ideally, kills them too. All while looking down at your enemies from a safe distance.

You can see the glaive in action here:

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The short video shows a close look at “Winterbiss”

What’s the catch with Winter’s Bite? The icy scepter of Neptune actually has a hook and that is the weapon slot it is used in. According to Bungie, you equip “Winter’s Bite” in the heavy slot. (via

This essentially gives the Warden using this weapon a potentially stronger source of damage for mob control. Players currently like to take a Linear Fusion Rifle or Rocket Launcher in the heavy slot to deal enough damage to bosses or champions. With the “Winterbiss” in your luggage, that is no longer possible.

A giant glaive with an abstract design

Basically, Bungie gives you a choice: either treat yourself to cool ice magic and an icy three-cornered buddy, or rather go full on DPS and high damage numbers.

Either way, Guardians will still find ways to get good damage down with Winter’s Bite, but it won’t be that easy.

The Witch-Queen Exo-Gleefen also had a problem with this: Despite the cool Exo Glaive for Lightfall, this weapon is viewed with skepticism. Guardians could already get three class-specific glaives through quests in Witch Queen. However, all were rather cumbersome in their use. They didn’t offer the strength you’d hoped for for the effort you had to put in. The majority of these exo melee weapons have been gathering dust in the safe of the keepers ever since.

So it could be that the Exo is strong and powerful in the trailer, but then turns out to be a complete failure in the test.

That was our highlight as far as the new Lightfall Exos are concerned. What’s your favorite and do you think the “Winter’s Bite” glaive could finally live up to its exo status? Please leave us a comment!

In case you still don’t know why the Exo Glaives disappointed, here’s our explanation: Destiny 2 Brings New Exotic Glaives – Disappoints fans across the board

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