Nintendo Switch: Clever innovation makes it easier for you to browse the eShop

There is now a practical innovation in the eShop.

There is now a practical innovation in the eShop.

We can spend quite a lot of time in the digital stores on our consoles if we are regularly on the hunt for new games and bargains. In the eShop on the Switch, however, thanks to a small change, the search is now a bit less of a hassle.

A small change, but useful when browsing

What has recently happened in the eShop sounds like a very small innovation at first, but “small but fine” is pretty good here, because it is a question of improving the quality of life when browsing. If we enter a search term in the shop on the switch, it spits out a selection of suitable games.

Previously these were all displayed in one long vertical row. Now the results are no longer presented in just one row, but in two next to each other. That means we have to scroll a lot less to find what we’re looking for. This is a relief, especially for searches that lead us to a large number of entries.

And this is what the new representation looks like in two rows:

This is how the results are displayed in the eShop.

This is how the results are displayed in the eShop.

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What do you think of this innovation? Have you noticed her yet?