Pokémon GO: 8 Pokémon you can’t miss in February

Pokemon GO Crypto Metagross

February in Pokémon GO brings some exciting Pokémon. Here you will find an overview of the monsters that you should not miss.

Numerous events are also coming up in Pokémon GO this month. From the start with the Rocket takeover to the finale with the Hoenn Tour, there’s a lot going on.

Accordingly, many Pokémon appear in this period. But which ones should you definitely secure? We look at some of the currently known highlights.

The most exciting Pokémon in February 2023 at Pokémon GO

What is this list? In this list you can find powerful or rare Pokémon that are available this month. The list is ordered by release date. Below you will also find a second small overview with other interesting Pokémon.

Crypto Metagross

Crypto Metagross is a top steel attacker in the game and a very useful monster in general. You can get it by developing Crypto Tanhel. Important: You must unlearn the Frustration attack during Rocket takeover so it can get a better move.

how to get it Crypto Tanhel from Rocket Boss Sierra. Then evolve to Metang and Metagross. The best counters against Sierra are here.

when is it there Since February 1st, open end. But: The Rocket takeover ends on February 5th, by then you should have forgotten your frustration.

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Pokémon GO Registry

Registeel is one of the best monsters you can use in PvP league. If you like playing against other trainers, you should secure one more from Raids. The Crypto variant is also available from Giovanni – but it is a little less suitable for PvP.

how to get it In 5-Star Raids, here are the best counters against Registeel.

when is it there From February 1st to 8th.

Mega Gardevoir

Pokémon GO Mega Gardevoir

Mega Gardevoir will soon be available from Mega Raids. It becomes the best fairy attacker in the game and as a Mega Evolution it also brings powerful bonuses.

how to get it From Mega Raids starting with the Valentine’s Day event.

when is it there February 8th to February 15th.

Coiffwaf with heart cut

Coiffwaf with a heart cut

Coiffwaff is not a particularly strong Pokémon, but it is one for collectors. It comes in different forms, and the “heart cut” form can only be obtained during the Valentine’s Day event in Pokémon GO for the time being.

how to get it Change the shape of your “shaggy shape” hairdresser. This costs 25 Coiffwaff Candy and 10,000 Stardust.

when is it there Shapeshifting is available during the Valentine’s Day event, February 8th – 14th.

Pandir with heart pattern

Pokemon GO Pandir

Similar to Coiffwaff, Pandir is a more collectible Pokémon. The little monster can usually be found via rare field research and also has different forms. For the Valentine’s Day event, it can appear with a heart pattern. The Shiny variant is also available, but very rarely.

how to get it With luck from field research for the Valentine’s Day event.

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when is it there February 8th to 14th.


Pokemon Go Rayquaza

Rayquaza, one of the best Pokémon ever, returns to the game. It’s one of the top attackers in Pokémon GO, brings with it the new Broadside special move, and can be grabbed from the start of the Proto-Rumble event.

how to get it In 5-star raids.

when is it there February 22nd to March 1st.

Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon

Pokemon GO Proto Groudon and Proto Kyogre2

Primal Kyogre is a more powerful form of Kyogre. Similar to Mega Evolutions, you need Proto-Energy to perform the Evolution – and for that you need to complete appropriate Raids. It makes its debut in the Hoenn Tour and becomes the best water attacker in the game.

Primal Groudon is the counterpart of Primal Kyogre. The new form of Groudon works the same way and also becomes extremely powerful. It will be the best ground attacker in the game.

How do you get the two? Per Protomorphosis using energy from the new Proto-Raids.

when are they there There are two dates here.

Which monsters are still exciting in February?

There are a few more monsters that can be obtained in February, but they may be a little less powerful or rare than the ones mentioned above. We list them here.

  • Crypto Magnetilo and Crypto-Nidoran are available. You meet the former at Rocket Boss Cliff, the latter at Arlo. Especially Magnetilo is worthwhile as a developed, strong electric attacker Magnezone. Nidoran is more for shiny hunters who want to try their luck.
    • Starting February 1st on Rocket bosses.
  • eF-eM was very rare for a long time, now has its own Community Day in February. Good opportunity to get the necessary candies and the shiny.
  • Quabble is available for the first time as a shiny for the Valentine’s Day event.
  • You can Flabebe meet with unusual flower colors for the Valentine’s Day event.
  • A limited research on loving takes place. Interesting event for shiny hunters.
  • Ye can dazzling jirachi meet in the form of a masterpiece research. The research costs about 5 euros in the shop.
    • Research tickets available between February 20th and March 20th.
  • Mega Latias and Mega Latios return to Mega Raids.
    • February 22nd to March 1st
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Want to know exactly what’s coming up in-game this month? Then you can find our overview of all events in February at Pokémon GO here.