Pokémon GO: All field research in February 2023 – Which monsters are worth it?

Pokémon GO Field Research February

In February 2023, a series of field researches await you in Pokémon GO. We at MeinMMO will show you which tasks and rewards are waiting for you this month, where you can get a shiny with a bit of luck and which monsters are worthwhile.

What are these tasks? At the PokéStops in Pokémon GO you have the daily opportunity to spin so-called field research. The tasks and associated rewards change every month, which is why you can encounter new quests again in February. We have summarized below what these are and what encounters you can look forward to.

These are the field researches in February 2023

What does the graph show? As you probably know from the past, there will be new field research again in February. These cover a wide range of categories, such as throwing, catching, fighting or interacting with your buddy or friends, which is why there should be the right quest for every player.

With the help of Overview of LeekDuck, we have summarized all the tasks and their Pokémon encounters from February below. We have also marked monsters that, with a bit of luck, you can also encounter in their dazzling form with the corresponding stars in the graphic.

All research in February 2023

How to get the research: To secure the field research, all you have to do is rotate the PokéStop photo disc. The respective quest is then stored in your “Field” view, which you can reach by clicking on the binoculars.

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Including the AR tasks, you can currently store up to 4 tasks there and solve them in a relaxed manner. You don’t have a time limit for that. However, you can only receive new tasks if you have enough space there. In order to create this, you must either redeem or delete the quests.

These are research stamps: At best, you should redeem at least one quest every day, because you will receive a so-called research stamp for this. You can see this in the overview above the tasks. Once you have collected 7 stamps, a research breakthrough awaits you, which, in addition to items and stardust, will also give you another encounter with a Pokémon.

We show you here which monsters you can currently look forward to in the research breakthrough.

These 8 monsters are the most worthwhile

Trasla: The Psychic and Fairy Pokémon from the 3rd generation of games can be further developed via Kirlia into Gardevoir and Galagladi. The latter can benefit from high attack values ​​​​and are among the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

In addition, with the start of the Valentine’s Day event on February 8th, you can also secure the corresponding Mega Evolution for Gardevoir for the first time, which is one of the best fairy attackers in the game.

Pokémon GO Trasla

chewing malate: The Dragon and Ground-type Pokémon Kaumalat is usually rarely found in the wild in-game. But the little monster has a strong development with Knakrack, which can score particularly well in raids.

With a move set of clay shot and earth powers, it’s one of the best ground attackers in the game, and it’s also a strong dragon-type Pokémon. For this reason, a corresponding copy should not be missing in your team. With 3 fabulous throws in a row, the task is also a bit more demanding.

Pokemon GO Chewy
chewing malate

Tanhel: Another strong monster is Metagross, the evolution of Tanhel. The Steel and Psychic-type Pokémon also have high attack and defense stats, making it one of the strongest Steel attackers. With a Zen Headbutt and Psychic moveset, it’s also one of the best Psychic Attackers in the game.

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And it can also be seen in the PvP battles of the master league with an attack combination of bullet slash, star slash and earthquake. However, you need a bit of luck with the tasks that you get Tanhel, because the monster shares the reward with Barschwa and Perlu. It is therefore random which monster you get.

Pokémon Go Tanhel

Dratini: The dragon Pokémon Dratini comes from the first game generation and also has a strong further development with Dragoran. With the attacks Dragon Tail and Enrage, it can rank among the top 10 dragon attackers. In the master league, Dragonite is also one of the top candidates with Fire Breath, Dragon Claw and Power Colossus.

Pokémon GO Dratini

Magikarp: Another monster you shouldn’t miss is Magikarp. The Pokémon from the first game generation has a strong further development with Gyarados. The water and flying Pokémon is one of the best water attackers in the game.

It also has a mega development, which is a bit stronger and is therefore ideal for use in raids. And Gyarados can also be seen in the master league.

Pokémon GO Magikarp

By the way: If you already have enough strong Gyarados in your team, you can alternatively use the quest with Magikarp to complete your Angler Medal. For these you have to catch 1,000 large specimens to get them on platinum.

We show you other strong attackers in the following video:

Pokémon GO: The strongest attackers of all types in the video

More videos

geronimatz: Another rare monster with a strong evolution is the Normal and Flying Pokémon Geronimatz. That can shine with Washakwil as one of the best flying Pokemon. In addition, with a bit of luck you can also catch Geronimatz in its dazzling form.

Since the monster in the game can usually only hatch from eggs every now and then, the chances of getting a dazzling specimen are rather slim. So if you want to secure a shiny, you can try your luck with research. However, you have to walk 4 kilometers to solve it.


relaxo: The normal Pokémon from the first game generation is particularly suitable as a strong arena defender due to its high endurance values. In addition, the Pokémon is also very popular with shiny hunters, since it is usually not seen that often outside of certain events. With two fabulous throws and a bit of luck, you might be able to secure a Shiny from research.


Pandir: A monster that you can currently only get from research tasks is Pandir. The monster comes from the 3rd game generation and has no advance or further developments. It has 9 different coat patterns that change monthly.

It is therefore particularly interesting for collectors and shiny hunters. In February you can find it with pattern 8.

Pandir (fur pattern 8)

How do you like the field research in February 2023? Which monster will you secure? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments.

In February, the big honing tour awaits you in Pokémon GO. We’ll show you what we already know about the event.