Twitch: First images of Asmongold’s role-playing game being developed by ex-WoW devs

Twitch: First images of Asmongold's role-playing game being developed by ex-WoW devs

from Sebastian Glanzer
After seven months, the ex-WoW developers from Notorious Studios are showing the first images of the role-playing game they are working on with the Asmongold and Co. (OTK) streaming organization.

In June 2022, streaming organization OTK (One True King) announced that they, along with ex-WoW devs like Chris Kaleiki and Douglas Frazer want to design your own MMORPG. OTK is one of the largest streaming organizations and was founded by Twitch streamers like Asmongold, Esfand and Rich Campbell.

Asmongold is considered the largest WoW streamer on the Twitch platform, and the other members of the team have also become known through WoW. So it will be exciting to see what kind of role-playing game is created here. Since announcing the collaboration, Kaleiki and co. have founded Notorious Studios. The role-playing game of the ex-Blizzard devs is called Project Honor. The game is still in its infancy, but recently the studio showed the first pictures of the game and talked about a first playtest.

First look at Project Honor – the roleplaying game of ex-Blizzards devs

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There is no date for a playtest yet, but Chris Kaleiki promises that it will be done later this year. In the video, the developers show the first images of the fantasy world built in Unreal Engine 5. When choosing classes, the developers rely on classes that every role-playing game has at its core: warriors, magicians and priests. The way the classes are played should be able to be adjusted in different ways as the game progresses.

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Project Honor aims to deviate from the classic RPG fighting style. “We’re rethinking the standard RPG combat system – with an immersive third-person camera, melee combat, spells and abilities all geared toward an immersive multiplayer PvPvE experience,” the Notorious Studios website reads.

Twitch: Ex-WoW developer and OTK show first pictures of Project Honor (2) [Quelle: YouTube Notorious Studios FIRST LOOK! (And Playtest Announcement) ]