WoW: Sabellian or Wrathion? Story boss destroys hope over player choice

WoW: Sabellian or Wrathion?  Story boss destroys hope over player choice

World of Warcraft fans thought they had a choice, but there never was. Many simply saw more in a quest than the developers intended.

The story of World of Warcraft is an important aspect for many gamers and one of the reasons why some have stayed loyal to Blizzard’s MMORPG for so long. Especially with Dragonflight there were some interesting innovations in the story. Especially the “aspect succession” with the black dragons is a much discussed topic. Some even believed that Blizzard would let the players choose and that there would be a secret “vote” – but the story boss is now rejecting it.

What’s going on with the black dragons? It was long anticipated that Wrathion would follow in his father’s footsteps to become the Aspect of the Black Dragonflight. But the young dragon acted questionably again and again, being responsible for Garrosh’s escape to the alternative Draenor, for example, and thus also for the Legion’s subsequent attack and the death of Varian Wrynn – one reason why he gave the young dragon a good one.

But Wrathion has competition in Dragonflight. The black dragon Sabellian has returned from Outland, bringing with him the rest of the black spawn. He, too, lays claim to leadership and is already highly respected by many black dragons. He has a lot more life experience and seems to be quite intelligent too.

Players hoped they had a choice: At level 70, characters can choose which of the two dragons they want to help this week – Sabellian or Wrathion. A popular theory has been that Blizzard is so secretly holding a vote on which character is more popular and gets leadership of the Swarm. It was assumed that Blizzard would look at who players first swore allegiance to.

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Steve Danuser, Blizzard’s story boss, has now clearly denied this and thus destroyed this hope.

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What did Danuser say? Story boss Steve Danuser spoke in an interview with YouTuber Hiru, who is known for his WoW lore videos, among other things

The thing with Wrathion and Sabellian is more of a choice of taste for the player. This is not supposed to be a vote. It would also be a bit unfair to first present this as a matter of personal choice and then later say, “Hey, you guys voted the whole time, by the way.” There’s the people [dann sicher unzufrieden]. (…) That wasn’t when either [Test für eine Abstimmung] thought. (…)

Could something like this be done in the future? Under the right circumstances, for sure. The danger with something like this is always that some will take advantage of the system or intentionally try to ruin the election for others. You always have to be careful with things like this.

The whole interview is worth it, because Danuser also answers other questions about N’Zoth and the story of Dragonflight.

Would you have found a player decision good? Or is it right that Blizzard decides how to proceed with the black dragons?