Chucky doll began to speak and move by itself

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As if it were a horror movie, a video of TikTok shows as a doll chucky He started talking and moving on his own without having batteries. The video was shared by the user Ivan Kretch (@ivankretch), who has created a follow-up post to keep his followers up to date on the situation of the doll in question.

It all started at Christmas 2022, which was when the TikToker received the happy doll as a gift. In fact, he unboxed the gift and carried out a test by speaking to it so that it would respond. The story continues when Ivan’s mother had warned him that she found the doll in her bed in a strange way. She even sent a photo of her to her mother to see.

The scariest thing is that since the day of the first test at Christmas, the user has said that he has never put batteries in Chucky. That’s how then, and supposedly, he found the new, unopened battery pack at the bottom of the box. Which would mean that Chucky has been moving and talking to himself this whole time.

Apparently, the owner of the doll was watching television in his room when the Chucky doll began to speak on its own again, so he decided to record it. In the video you can hear the Chucky doll pronounce some of his phrases from his voice record.

Following up on the case, the TikTok user told his followers that he decided to install security cameras in his room. In a new video you can see how strange things happen in the room. First, Ivan is seen walking in and out of the room, then a small rocking chair starts to move out of nowhere.

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Finally, a group of things that were next to the doll’s box fall by themselves without anyone having put their hand on them. Here below you can see the follow-up videos of the case.


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