Crazy Star Wars theory: Luke Skywalker as Sith

Star Wars: There should be a new game every 6 months!  (1)

“Would be, would be … bicycle chain”, this idiom of the Football philosopher Lothar Matthäus also applies beautifully to a galaxy far, far away. Because the events in the numerous episodes, spin-offs and series on Disney Plus invite you to speculate. What happened if Han Solo would have shot first? War would be if the empire all Stormtrooper subjected to shooting and target practice? What if the heroes let the eagles fly them straight to Death Mountain? Stop, …. wrong franchise!

Star Wars Theory: Could Obi-Wan Have Protected Young Luke From The Emperor?

An interesting one fan theory deals with the thought of what would have happened if Emperor Palpatine as Darth Sidious the young Luke Skywalker would have tracked down before Darth Vader. The twist to the classic trilogy is that bright, almost innocent-looking hero Luke Skywalker is actually the scion of one of the most iconic villains in Hollywood history.

While there was no internet back then, this unexpected turn of events was widely recognized by a conscience Homer J Simpson spoiled. Ever since the gripping Disney Plus series Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, fans have been wondering what would have happened if the Emperor Palpatine introduce young Luke Darth Vader would have tracked down.

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As a critical viewer, one may have always wondered how logical it is to Son of Anakin Skywalker to “hide” on his home planet with his half-siblings and get away from Obi Wan Kenobi just “renaming” it Ben Kenobi in hopes the Empire would reason as lousy as it shoot. But obviously it worked.

Star Wars Theory: Luke Skywalker as a Sith

One of the intriguing story details in Starwars has always been the double game which Lord Vader drove. On the one hand, apparently loyal to the Emperor and yet unable to deny the love for his son. The Disney Plus series Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi provides another aspect: Vader’s hatred of his former Jedi Masterwhich prompted him to find out about the instructions early Palpatines to override.

His selfish motives are perfectly understandable. One can safely assume that Palpatine the young Luke with ease to dark side of the force would have seduced and at the same time Darth Vaderthe crippled Sith wannabe guided by his fatherly feelings.