Creating User Content – Tutorial – User Articles

Creating User Content - Tutorial - User Articles


GamersGlobal is the gaming site where users can create and publish their own posts. We explain some of this content and how it works in this article.

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Anyone who regularly hangs around on GamersGlobal will no longer elicit any question marks from the potpourri of content. But newcomers and casual readers might be wondering how to categorize the various pieces of content. It is actually Quite simply: At GamersGlobal, in addition to the editorial articles, there are also many contributions that are created by users. In this article we will introduce you to the participation options of the Reporter and Writer classes.

Distinguish editorial content and user content

The separation of the contents is reflected in the structure of the homepage. The head of the page, the so-called Rondell, is reserved exclusively for articles by the GamersGlobal editorial team. There you will find the content that appears regularly: previews, reviews, exclusive premium content such as the hour of the critics and columns, as well as categories that appear irregularly such as Redi-Rumble, retro reality checks or guides.

The blue test box, the grey-green magazine box, the green premium box and the gray podcast and preview boxes are also exclusively editorially equipped. On the other hand, the yellow user box is clearly GG community territory, as is the yellow game database box. Yellow is the color of the users!

In the pink news box, editorial content and user content are of equal importance next to each other! At first glance, you often can’t tell who made a post in the news box – you have to click on the news and see who the author is. Particularly interesting contributions are (by the editors) as top news marked and presented prominently in the three news tiles; You will also find user content here again and again.

Okay, I want to join – how do I start?

You can get an overview of lots of hands-on content if you click on the “Burger menu” (the three white bars at the top right next to your profile picture) and select the penultimate item “+ Create content”. The best thing to do is to try it out right away! With the long list of different content types, not all options are immediately available to you, some must first be unlocked through rank-up. These types of content are particularly important for starters: news, user articles and screenshot galleries.

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My 1st own news!

Almost everything that has to do with known or unknown games, niche genres, hardware, consoles, merchandise, rumors and leaks can be “newsed”. The prerequisite for a news publication is, of course, that you report on something halfway new – ideally in the last few days. If you need help with the create news form or want to add a video, ask for assistance at any time in the Matrix chat.

If writing a complete news text is too time-consuming for you, but you still consider a GamersGlobal news to be important, you can submit one without further ado news suggestion to: In addition to the headline and ticking the news suggestion box, you must describe the topic in at least ten words and insert a source link. Maybe someone will take your suggestion.

Write news, briefly explained:

Before you hit your first news text: Please take a look at this Advanced news tutorial and familiarize yourself with the basic content and formal rules at GamersGlobal. Not all formatting options are available in your first news. Initially, the editors or higher-ranking users take care of the fine-tuning and activation for you.

They also support you with questions, but also act as a corrective and idea-giving authority. As soon as your news is ready, please leave a short comment in the matrix chat or as a comment under your news: “My news is ready” is enough.

Please do not expect your finished news to be read and activated within a few minutes. Instead, give the users and/or the editors a few hours and check the matrix or the comments below your news yourself from time to time to see if there are any queries or corrections.

Here are some contact points where you can find topics for news:

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My 1st user article!

They appear at (ir)regular intervals and primarily at the weekend user article. These contributions are created by users, then proofread by users and, if necessary, adjusted in consultation with the author before publication. A look at the diverse world of user articles shows: texts on retro topics and series on niche genres, interviews and hardware reports, user tests on old camels or current games – the user articles cover a wide range of topics, different perspectives and unique writing styles away. All articles published so far can be found in the User Articles section.

How to write a user article:

User Articles are your creative playground at GamersGlobal. Because you largely determine the topic, the scope and the orientation of the content yourself. Of course, rules and formalities must be observed. If you want to write a user article, we recommend reading the following tutorials:

  • the tutorial Write good user articles mainly deals with the structural and content-related subtleties that you should pay attention to.
  • The second important tutorial Layout user articles goes one step further and explains how to use the GamersGlobal file browser, how to add your own images, text boxes and quotes to your article using the HTML editor, and other subtleties.

With your first user article, you can’t do all the formatting. If you have any questions or problems, other users will help you. Just leave a comment under your article draft or a short message in the matrix chat. The article is not activated as quickly as with a news item and may take some time.

user testing do not have their own category on GamersGlobal. If you want to write about a game, create a user article with the headline “User Test”. But GamersGlobal wouldn’t be GamersGlobal if there weren’t real reviews from users! Particularly experienced users were allowed to officially test games together with the editors – for example TheLastToKnows test too born punk and Vampiros test too Victoria 3.

The game checks

Game checks are hybrid content: Controlled and accompanied by the editors, but always created by users. The game checks primarily serve to present indie titles, niche genres and early access games. The squad of “Checkers” consists of users who have been with us for a long time. The editors regularly send free keys to this group – whoever calls “here!” first gets the job. The game checkers also proactively submit suggestions for articles. However, the editors decide which titles to write content about and when it will be published on the site.

The monthly “DU – That’s what our users play” gallery

The simplest and most entertaining way to tell readers about your gaming experiences is the monthly gallery DU – That’s what our users play. Everyone can participate here immediately! The rules are super simple: In a maximum of 1600 characters you tell interesting things about the title that you played in the respective month. Submissions including screenshots can be done with this simple online form. Visit the GamersGlobal forum for more information on the process.

The weekend reading tips

Weekend reading tips are published once a month. This is a colorful mixture of interesting finds from all over the Internet: whether it’s a gaming site, online features section or simply YouTube. Everything to do with computer and video games, technology or scene news, technological developments and much more belongs here.

Become an active part of the weekend reading tips

You can support the weekend reading tips in two ways:

  • If you come across interesting articles on the Internet, the responsible users would be happy to receive a personal message from you.
  • The weekend reading tips team is always looking for backup. Would you like to help? Then get in touch with the editors.

There are many other ways to get involved with GamersGlobal. In the forum, as an archivist with your own screenshots or at the annual barbecue! If you have any questions or an idea you want to implement, just write it in the comments below this article!

We look forward to users who enrich GamersGlobal with their texts. The pictures are from Markus Winkler (title) and Suzy Hazelwood (final image), accessed at