Detective Pikachu is finally getting a sequel, according to Insider

detective pikachu

For the year 2016, pokemon company launched a strange spin-off of his star series, detective pikachu for 3DS. It had a worldwide release for 2018, and with the 3DS in its last days (since the Switch had already been out for a full year), it didn’t reach the level of popularity that most Pokemon games have.

Even so, it got a big screen adaptation in 2019 that was very successful, and sequels to both the movie and the game were announced. However, since those announcements, basically nothing more has been said about either project. It’s been so long that some have wondered if they could have been written off entirely. However, as reported Polygon, apparently that’s not the case, at least, for the movie.

A representative for Legendary Entertainment has reportedly stated that the film’s sequel is still “in active development,” but they did not confirm who is making it. Polygon claims that The Pokémon Company declined to comment when asked if it was involved.

We hope it won’t be too long before we hear anything about the game’s sequel as well and if it will release on Switch, but that’s basically all we know about it.

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