Whistler becomes Windows XP (PCGH-Retro February 5)

Whistler becomes Windows XP (PCGH-Retro February 5)

from Henner Schroeder
Whistler becomes Windows XP – that happened on February 5th. Every day, PC Games Hardware dares to take a look back at the young but eventful history of the computer.

…2001: The first Windows generations carried simple numbers, as they are common in the software world, from the 1985 Windows 1.0 to the successful version 3.11. Then years were en vogue, Windows 95 set the trend, followed by versions 98 and 2000. After Windows 2000, however, Microsoft brought out the “Millennium Edition” aka “Me” – and an abbreviation now adorns the next Windows incarnation with code names Whistler, whose sales name Microsoft officially announces on February 5, 2001: Windows XP. That should be the short form of “Experience”, which can be translated as “experience” or “experience”. In addition to the new Windows, which brings the NT architecture to an end customer product for the first time, Office 10 is also to bear this abbreviation. However, Windows XP will only be launched on the market in October .

But this naming system didn’t last long either – the next Windows after XP, a server operating system, was given a year again in 2003, followed by a “real” name for the first time with Vista – and finally a number again, just like at the beginning : The Vista successor is simply called Windows 7.

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