Destiny 2 is bringing Beyond Light to PS4, PS5 for free for a limited time, but is it worth it?

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Sony has provided a big DLC ​​of Destiny 2 this time with its monthly free games on PS Plus deal, but for who is it worth it? What do you have to consider and do you miss something if you don’t treat yourself? We’ll show you.

Which DLC is free? As we already reported, PlayStation had announced the games for February in its PS Plus subscribers. A large DLC for Destiny 2 has also got lost among the games. It’s Beyond Light, Bungie’s second major expansion since splitting from Activision.

Some of the players in the community, including you on MeinMMO, have been wondering if the DLC is worth it, what to consider, and if you’re missing out on something if you don’t get the DLC. We will answer your questions and answer them in our overview.

Beyond Light is very important to the story in Destiny 2

Is Beyond Light worth it? Story-wise and especially in terms of the content that Beyond Light offers, you should treat yourself to the DLC because it’s free. With Beyond Light you get some strikes, an exciting raid with a well-known boss and a variety of exo weapons and armor for your guardians.

In addition, with Beyond Light you get the opportunity to earn one of the first darkness classes in Destiny 2. It’s called Stasis and freezes your opponents in place. You can’t get this ability without the DLC.

Stasis is a strong class

Can I play older DLCs if I get Beyond Light now? No, unfortunately that is not the case. You can only play the advertised DLC. You would have to buy Shadowkeep separately.

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Am I missing out if I don’t get Beyond Light? That depends on how far you want to play Destiny 2. Beyond Light offers an important focus class that can prove very useful in raids, as well as dungeons or dawns. If you don’t own Beyond Light, you have no chance of getting this focus.

And even so, Destiny 2 is difficult to enjoy or understand in bites. The loot shooter is a universe that is constantly changing from time to time. With Beyond Light you only have a snapshot in your pocket. You can also just buy Lightfall, but then you miss the context of how your Guardian first connected with the Darkness.

It’s not easy to take the decision away from you. If you don’t want to just play Free-2-Play all the time, treat yourself to the full Destiny 2 DLC and give it a try. However, be aware that this is only scratching the surface of what the entire Destiny universe has to offer.

How long is the offer valid? The special opportunity for Beyond Light and the other titles in February is valid from February 7th to March 6th. So if you haven’t seen the offer yet and are always in the mood for a round of sci-fi loot action, grab it now.

Were we able to convince you and will you play the free DLC or do you prefer to wait for Lightfall to come around the corner to start over with this DLC? Leave us a comment with your opinion on it!

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