Lost Ark: Anniversary Update is coming today! Maintenance and Release Notes

Lost Ark: Item level 1445 is required to begin Rowen's world quest.

who our Lost Ark February 2023 Update Preview read, you already know that Arkesia’s anniversary party is starting this week. Specifically, the servers went offline today, February 8, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. for the necessary preparations. Publisher Amazon Games expects itthat the maintenance will take about four hours. The servers should be back online by 1:00 p.m. Until then, you can use the waiting time, for example Anniversary Update official release notes distribute, which you will find below.

Embark on new adventures, meet a new cast of characters and choose your faction in a new continent – Rowen. Rowen is a continent west of Sushire and is populated with Sylmael; Crimson Jewels, which are a valuable resource in Arkesia. After a thriving ancient civilization disappeared, Rowen fell into oblivion in the history of Arkesia. However, as rumors spread about the wealth of Crimson Jewels in this land, the factions coveting the jewels began to join forces in Rowen.

Strange tensions run between factions, and the barbaric nomads are attacking those who dared set foot on their lands. Who will succeed and who will perish in this war-torn country? The neutral ground Eliyabeck has lost its balance, and now the country is divided into two competing factions: Preigelli and Liebertane.

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Preigelli was founded on the belief that the chaos in Rowen was due to his carelessness and that strict rules were necessary in Rowen. It was founded by a group of mercenaries who excelled at using machines. “Order conquers chaos every time.”

Lost Ark: Item level 1445 is required to begin Rowen’s world quest.
Source: Amazon Games

Liebertane was founded on the belief that the chaos in Rowen was due to overly strict rules and restrictions. This group of pirates and mages values ​​freedom and passion. “We have a simple rule. Take as much as you can.”

Where lies the fate of Rowen? To begin Rowen’s world quest, item level 1445 is required. Once you have chosen a faction after completing the world quest “Devastated Eliyabeck”, you will face off against the opposing faction in PvP mode. The ranks for the factions are broken down into 15 tiers and can be earned by participating in activities to earn faction XP, such as: B. by killing members of the opposing faction and participating in daily, weekly and co-op quests. In this update, the war between Preigelli and Liebertane will begin – but the competition will be even tougher in March when the Tulubik Battlefield is released.

In this update, the first 9 faction ranks will be available to progress through. The remaining ranks (no more than 15) will be unlocked along with the Tulubik battlefield in March.

One year anniversary celebration

anniversary event

To celebrate the birthday of Lost Ark (buy now €19.99 ), and to thank everyone who has joined us over the past year and embarked on their adventure through Arkesia, the February update will feature a special event full of epic rewards. We’ve scattered birthday cards all over Arkesia. You need to collect them and then take them to the Bursery Exchange Vendor to get Anniversary Gifts. There are three different cards, each redeemable for a variety of weekly and squad level rewards – including skins, boost materials, card packs, and more!

  • “Happy” card – Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons
  • “Birthday” card – Abyss Dungeons, Abyss Raids and Legion Raids
  • Lost Ark Map – New Hot Spring Event
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The cards can also be exchanged for another type of card at the dealer.

Lost Ark: Trailer gets you in the mood for the first anniversary celebration

Hot spring event

The Hot Spring Event includes a daily match where you can earn Lost Ark cards for the Anniversary Event. How you about the “[Event] You can find out how to get to the new event when the Hot Springs Thank You Event” quest starts by contacting the Hot Springs NPC manager in each major city. Once you’ve completed them, the Steaming Hot Springs will change every even hour (12: 12:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., etc.) open for a competition.

During this competition, two teams will compete against each other, armed with rubber ducky hammers and vying to collect the rubber duckies. Smash the other team’s Rubber Ducky shield with your hammer to get the Rubber Ducky buff. Keep the buff and reach your team’s finish line to score points. Protect your teammates with the Rubber Ducky buff, or hold off the opposing team’s buff to prevent them from scoring. Even if you’re about to lose, don’t give up! You can destroy the opposing team’s duck basket (where their rubber duckies are located) and score lots of points. But remember, you must also prevent the opposing team from destroying your team’s duck coop. You can contest this competition once per day and squad. We wish you and your rubber duckies the best of luck!