Amazon scam attempt: Alleged

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Consumer advocates are currently warning of a new spoofing attempt in which fraudsters pose as Amazon customer service.


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Your money in sight: con artists pretend that there were problems with an Amazon order.
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The online mail order company Amazon is used as a popular tool for spoofing fraud. Spoofing is a fraudulent procedure in which attackers pretend to be employees of the respective company – either by phone or email – and thus try to get sensitive data from the victim in question.

According to the portal Internet watch list Amazon spoofing has been in circulation again in the past few days. In this specific case, the criminals pretend to be Amazon support staff and pretend that there is a problem with an order. In order to fix the alleged problem, they then request payment data to be transmitted or remote maintenance software such as Teamviewer to be installed.

The phone display can sometimes actually show Amazon as the caller – Watchlist Internet, however, warns against blindly trusting the display unless you are expecting a call from the online shop. Amazon itself does not call without an explicit callback request, which usually takes place within a few minutes or at a previously specified desired time.

According to Watchlist Internet, the bank should also be informed in the event of fraud if payments have been approved or bank details have been transmitted. If passwords have been communicated, they should be changed as soon as possible, and any programs that have been installed should also be removed again.

Basically, as always, no personal data should be passed on over the phone. However, Amazon is asking all customers who have become victims of the fake scam to contact the email address [email protected]. The company also recommends filing a police report.

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