Catastrophe for Wild Hearts: Next EA game will be torn up by users on Steam

Catastrophe for Wild Hearts: Next EA game will be torn up by users on Steam

from Tim Rantzau
The monster hunter game Wild Hearts was criticized by EA Play subscribers for significant performance problems even before it was officially released. The title is now also being torn up by users on the Steam platform. Around 78% of all 1,600 published reviews are mostly negative. Nevertheless, the game is actively played by 20,000 users.

On February 16th, Electronic Arts released Wild Hearts, a monster hunter game developed by Japanese studio Omega Force for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. On the Steam platform, the title is not doing well with users. The majority of the approximately 1,600 written reviews (about 78%) are negative. In particular, the game’s significant performance problems are heavily criticized by users.

“No! Absolutely not! Even if they fix the performance issues, we collectively need to stop buying games from developers who think it’s okay to sell broken, barely functional games at AAA prices with the expectation, ‘We will fix it one day”. (…) Where has the passion gone in game development….”, says one of the reviews.

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EA Play subscribers could try the action RPG before the official release and hunt monsters earlier. However, the early access only proved to be a limited success, as reports of performance problems piled up. The developer reacted as early as Monday and promised to continuously work on optimizations for the game. The problem is said to be caused by the processor, which is apparently becoming a kind of bottleneck.

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According to the developer, a patch that will be released next week should help improve performance on mid-range and high-end CPUs. Wild Hearts fans will have to wait even longer

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Source: Steam, SteamDB