Civilization 7: Finally Confirmed – Civ 7 Officially Announced!

Sid Meier's Civilization recognizes its fans for the series' 30th anniversary (1)

Civilization 6 has evolved over the past six and a half years into an absolute heavyweight in the turn-based strategy genre. Since its PC release in 2016, the 4X title has been ported to three other consoles and even the smartphone. Various large expansion packages provided regular new content with new scenarios and peoples. Just last January, developer Firaxis released the Rulers of China package, which brought some well-known personalities from the Far East into play. In the future you can lead your own dynasty with Wu Zetian, Yogle or Qin Shi Huang, for example. Accordingly, Civ 6 still enjoys enormous popularity today. On Steam, up to 60,000 players are online every day to build cities, recruit armies and conquer the world.

Recently, however, critical voices have been raised more and more frequently. The Leader Pass announced in November 2022 was not well received by fans. The content it contained, heads of state like Abraham Lincoln and Co., seemed pretty unimaginative to many. Demands for Civilization 7 were getting louder – also here in our editorial office. Colleague Viktor Eippert dedicated his own column to the topic.

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When is Civilization 7 coming out?

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And that could now possibly also have contributed to the fact that developer Firaxis and publisher 2K Games finally had an understanding and announced a new part of the 4X strategy series, at least halfway. On Twitter, the official account of the game announced that on a new offshoot will be worked on.

However, the makers did not reveal much more: There were no details on possible platforms, features, content or even a release date. The makers didn’t even reveal the name – which will most likely simply be Civilization 7. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer for more information.