Crazy release week on Steam: Atomic Heart, CoH 3, Sons of The Forest and KSP2

Crazy release week on Steam: Atomic Heart, CoH 3, Sons of The Forest and KSP2

from Sarah Petzold
Gaming fans can look forward to an exciting week on Steam starting February 20, 2023: Four long-awaited top titles will appear on Valve’s online platform, which in turn could not be more different.

After a rather calm start to the year 2023, video game fans can enjoy a potential hit firework display in the final week of February. Because four new games are appearing on Steam, which are already longingly awaited by their respective communities.

Shooter, survival, strategy and simulation: a colorful potpourri of genres awaits fans on Steam

It starts with the shooter Atomic Heart, which will be released on February 20, 2023 for PC and console and is reminiscent of games like Fallout and Bioshock. The title, which also borrows from the action RPG genre, puts us in a fictional version of the USSR in 1955. Our task is to rid a military installation of mutants and crazy machines. We not only use various weapons, but also take advantage of a number of wacky skills.

Two more games will follow on February 23, 2023, which fans have long put on their wish lists. Company of Heroes 3 continues the successful tactical strategy series and once again puts us in the role of an army commander in World War II. This time the scenario focuses on the scenes of the war in the Mediterranean region, where the terrain in particular is supposed to play an important role in the success or failure of a battle.

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Also on February 23rd, Sons of the Forest will be released as the follow-up to the surprise survival hit The Forest. Contrary to what was originally planned, Sons of the Forest will initially only appear as an Early Access version because the developers are still busy polishing the title.

Another Early Access title will finally follow on February 24, 2023, namely Kerbal Space Program 2. The successor to the popular space simulation is currently the 11th most desired title on Steam and promises fans a new interface and new gaming environments especially a lot of new components for big space projects.

Source: SteamDB