Destiny 2: 10 things you missed in the Lightfall ViDoc


The new ViDoc was introduced yesterday at Destiny 2. A documentary that showed players more details about the new DLC. We took a close look at the ViDoc for you and tell you 10 things that you may have overlooked.

This video is about: For every expansion that Bungie releases for Destiny 2, there is also a video documentation, or ViDoc for short.

  • Bungie’s Lightfall ViDoc went into detail about the features of upcoming content
  • The players were given a closer look at the creative development processes
  • On top of that, it also featured some gameplay footage

MeinMMO has already summarized all the important information from the video in the live ticker for you.

Some things were very obvious, like the Titan’s weird looking helmet. But because things move very quickly in other places, there are still other small hints that some viewers may have missed at first glance. That’s why we took a closer look for you and listed 10 particularly interesting details in this article.

1. Unknown Exo for the Titan

This helmet could have caught everyone’s eye

Which Exo is it? You couldn’t miss this helmet in Bungie’s ViDoc because you zoomed in very closely. Compared to seasonal armor, he stands out succinctly. And more importantly, it’s not an exotic that Destiny 2 has already announced.

If you look closely, you can also see that the Clovis Bray logo can be seen on the helmet. Nothing can be said about the function or the properties of the exotic. Nor where to get it or how to earn it in Lightfall.

2. Exotic Stasis Bow

Let’s stick with this attitude. Because in addition to the Titan’s helmet, his weapon is also worth a look.

What weapon is it? The Titan holds a huge, new bow in the shot. We’re assuming this is a Stasis Exotic Bow based on the arrow.

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In addition, Bungie has already subtly revealed the name of the good piece in the ViDoc and that it is certainly an exotic weapon. All you had to do was look very closely at the tasks for the guardian ranks.

The Quests for the Guardian Ranks read about killing enemies with the Exotic Bow “Verglas Curve”.

The exotic arch bears the English name “Verglas Curve”

Maybe the season exo? We think this exo bow could probably be the exact bow that was seen in the ViDoc. This makes the Stasis Arc a hot favorite for the role of Seasonal Exotic from the Season 20 Season Pass.

Here it could even be that the Exo Helm and Bow somehow go together, like the Warlock Exotic Necrotic Grasp goes with the Exo Weapon Thorn.

3. Legendary Solar Sword from Season 20

New sword from Season 20 strongly reminds guardians of a well-known dungeon sword

Which weapon is it? The Season 20 shot shows Guardians looking towards a new building in the European Dead Zone. If you look closely here, you can see the supposedly new sword on the hunter’s back in this scene.

However, this Lightfall remake appears to be a reskin of a well-known dungeon weapon, the Hero of Ages sword, which came into play with the Bungie 30 Year DLC.

Reskin sword with powerful perks: Later you can also see in the mod system that this sword can drop with the “Incandescent” perk. So there’s a pretty good chance it’s a legendary Solar Sword.

4. Osiris back in the old job

Trials in Lightfall with Osiris again?

Where is Orisis seen there? That little detail almost got lost. Because in the scene, Osiris is standing very hidden in the midst of clutter to the left behind the Titan in the middle. The landing scene from the ViDoc looks like new “Trials of Osiris”. Typical Trials symbols can be seen in the background.

Normally, Saint-14 is the point of contact for the Guardians at Trials. But we also know that he only took over this temporarily for Osiris. So this scene could indicate that Orisis is going back to his old post and enjoying his retirement as an NPC in his trials in Lightfall and it’s “back to basics”.

5. Tormentors are Witness’s fighting forces

Tormentors drain the Light from Guardians

Who or what are the tormentors? In Lightfall, tormentors are said to be the most terrifying unit in the game. They can grab a Guardian with their giant scythe, pull them up, and then make short work of one. Bungie calls this the “Dark Harvest”. However, their origin is mysterious.

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That’s why we took a closer look and believe that the tormentors can be attributed to the witnesses.

  • Tormentors harness the void and manipulate void energies.
  • They bear the symbols of the witness

In addition, they cannot currently be assigned to any known race from Destiny 2. It is quite possible that they may belong to the ominous “Veil” race. Anyway, we hope Lightfall will reveal more about them.

6. Cloudwalkers are giant aluminum hunks

Moving on from the giant tormentors to the next big guys in Lightfall you’ll encounter when visiting Neomuna – the cloudwalkers.

Nimbus and Rohan, the two cloudwalkers from Neomuna

In Lightfall, players meet 2 protectors of Neomuna:

  • Rohan is the grumpy old cloudwalker veteran who’s too old for all this
  • Nimbus is the young wild cloudwalker and is still in training with Rohan. He is boisterous and fun-loving, a little smug but very confident in his own abilities.

So huge are cloud walkers: In some scenes, the Cloudwalkers are seen fighting a tormentor and also the Cabal. The Destiny editorial team at MeinMMO immediately noticed how huge these guys are.

The “tormentors” are already very large opponents and compared to a keeper they seem huge. But cloud runners are obviously not much smaller either. So a Guardian will look damn puny next to them in Lightfall.

Otherwise you don’t see any population: Apart from these two cloud walkers, Neomuna is damn quiet. No scene features other curruli who may still be living in the city. Of course, that begs the question, “Where are all the residents of Neomuna?” Are they just hiding? Or maybe they aren’t there anymore?

7. There is a lot going on in Neomuna below and above

The new Lightfall location Neomuna

This is what Neomuna has to offer: In the ViDoc you could see the city of Neomuna in all its glory. Not only does it have roads perfect for a sparrow race. Their area is also huge. Because not everything takes place on the ground or underground anymore. The sky is the limit in Neomuna, and it seems only Heaven can stop the Guardians on their way to the top.

  • Neomuna’s skyscrapers can be fully scaled with the new grappling hook
  • Wardens can latch on to any object—enemies, ships, tanks, and Sparrows, and fly around with them or be pulled by them. Own teammates included.
  • Things are also happening on the roofs of Neomuna – because apparently there is also a new public event there.
  • In addition, we could perhaps already make out the appearance of the new patrols in the ViDoc

8. New, yet unknown armor

The official Lightfall armor is now known. They appear on every Bungie preview. On the other hand, this armor was hidden a little more subtly:

Another new armor from Lightfall

What armor is shown here? While the hunter still wears the classic Lightfall armor, the other characters are clad in different robes.

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Some guardians suspected that this was the new raid armor because of the icon in the background. However, we think Bungie would certainly not reveal the prestigious armor in a ViDoc. As such, we think you got your first glimpse of Season 20’s armor ornaments.

9. Grandiose art reveals Cloudwalker history

In Neomuna, a lot of culture awaits the Guardians in the form of magnificent art

Hidden messages in pictures: Our penultimate point is about the special art from Neomuna. In the ViDoc, Bungie emphasizes what is special about the design of the city. And so you don’t just mention the color, the graphic design and the luminosity. Bungie also explicitly points out that some mysteries may be hidden in the art.

So the Guardians should take some time as they tour Neomuna to analyze the art there. It is quite possible that it conveys further story elements or draws attention to details that are still unknown.

10. New raid or 6 player activity

What Lightfall activity is this?

One of the last shots in the ViDoc shows 6 guardians approaching for landing. This constellation usually occurs when it comes to larger activities. So Bungie could have revealed two possible options to you with this scene.

  • Option 1: It is actually the entry into the new Lightfall raid
  • Option 2: This is the intro to the new seasonal activity in Neomuna

If you missed the ViDoc, you can watch it again in full length.

What do you think of our list? Were we able to surprise you with some information about the ViDoc or had you already discovered everything yourself? And maybe you can tell us in the comments what you liked the most or what you liked the most.

Before Lightfall starts, however, Guardians should definitely check out this special cutscene:

Check out the video for what many players now consider to be Destiny 2’s best cinematic