Destiny 2: Xur Today – Location and Offer on 02/17

Destiny 2: Xur Today – Location and Offer on 02/17

Exciting week in Destiny 2. But one thing stays the same Xur. As always, the extraterrestrial exotic merchandise seller will drop by the Destiny universe promptly at 6 p.m. and invite you to shop with him. We tell you what he has with him.

What happened in Destiny 2 this week? Destiny 2 is currently all about Lightfall. Compared to the last DLC “The Witch Queen”, the developer feels that he is holding back very little information about the new expansion. Finally, the ViDoc revealed the last fine details about Lightfall.

But it was also an emotional week, because the guardians didn’t just have to say goodbye to Rasputin. Ana didn’t even manage to give him a full exo body with legs since he already had to fulfill his duty to humanity. To make matters worse, the Last City is now no longer the same. The Traveler is gone, leaving only the video in what many players now consider Destiny 2’s best cinematic.

Destiny 2: Lightfall launches on February 28, 2023, and everyone is excited to see what happens there

And what does the future bring? Nobody knows. First the Guardians have to resist in Season 20 of Destiny 2 and can spend more time with the witness than ever before. Because in the new DLC from February 28, 2023, he will be in direct contact with you and want the light, no matter how. So Guardians must ask themselves many questions:

  • What does the witness want from the traveler?
  • What happens when he gets the light?
  • Were Guardians now made to defend the Traveler? Or were they made to defend humanity?

Despite these stark existential questions that Lightfall will raise, there was also a small section that looked from the coast to the center of the Destiny continent. Joe Blackburn, Bungie’s Game Director, said a few words about the future of Guardians at the end of the ViDoc:

  • Bungie wants to show its players completely new ways to explore the universe.
  • After all, there would be an infinite number of things to discover around the universe.
  • It’s also why Bungie believes Destiny still has a lot to offer you after The Final Form.
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If you missed the complete ViDoc, you can watch it again in full on Bungie’s official YouTube channel view. Our ViDoc live ticker also contains some more information.

The Destiny editorial team at MeinMMO has summarized 10 additional things that you may have overlooked in the ViDoc:

Destiny 2: 10 things you overlooked in the ViDoc for the new DLC Lightfall

New Destiny 2 gameplay: Lightfall takes you to spectacular heights – “Guardians were made for this moment”

More videos

All information about Xur on February 17, 2023 – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

When is Xur coming? As a merchant of rare exotic goods in Destiny 2, Xur visits the universe every Friday at 6 p.m. To shop with him, all you need is some in-game currency to close the gaps in your collection.

Where is Xur located? This is his camp for the weekend

The position of Xur: Even if Xur only actively uses a few location positions on the destinations, no Guardian knows where he will land before 6 p.m.

Xur is in the Last City. So all you have to do is stop by the tower hangar.

Destiny 2 Xur tower hangar
This is Xur’s exact location on the tower, in the hangar

Xur’s inventory from 02/17 – 02/21 – All exotics at a glance

What does Xur offer? Even just before Lightfall, Xur never tires of running his business. But in contrast to Spider, who often only has shady deals on his mind, Xur supplies you with good goods at reasonable prices. The nice “I am the messenger of the nine” conversation is included for free.

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This is Xur’s offer this week:

Weapon: The Queenbreaker – Arc linear fusion rifle for 29 Legendary Shards

Titanium: Eternal Warrior – Arc Headgear for 23 Legendary Shards

  • Mobility: +9
  • Resilience: +11
  • Recovery: +12
  • Discipline: +2
  • Intellect: +17
  • Strength: +13
  • Total: 64

Hunter: Ahamkara’s Spine – Solar Armguards for 23 Legendary Shards

  • Mobility: +2
  • Resilience: +13
  • Recovery: +19
  • Discipline: +14
  • Intellect: +6
  • Strength: +10
  • Total: 64

Warlock: Wings of Sacred Dawn – Solar Chest Armor for 23 Legendary Shards

  • Mobility: +18
  • Resilience: +2
  • Recovery: +10
  • Discipline: +6
  • Intellect: +9
  • Strength: +16
  • Overall: 61

Xur also sells legendary items and each week offers unique rolls for exotics from obsolete exotic missions from past DLCs. Note, however: You can only buy the weapons if you also have the appropriate extension.


He currently has these two weapons on offer:

  • The Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon (Beyond Light DLC)
  • The Tale of a Dead Exotic Scout Rifle (Beyond Light DLC)

Trials of Osiris from February 17th to 21st – Map, weapons and info

PvP endgame “Trials” – Guardian vs. Guardian, best against best.

After the Iron Banner endgame PvP, there are trials again this weekend – including a freelance mode. So you can sweat again in the PvP endgame and even get bonus ranks for trials.

Which map is it this week? Unlike normal PvP, where the maps rotate, the Guardian vs. Guardian endgame only has one set map to play on each weekend.

The map for the current weekend in the trials is “endless valley”

Endless Valley PvP Map

If you are interested in playing the trials in a permanent team, MeinMMO recommends them Callout maps via Warmind. This gives your fireteam a good description of where the opponents are on the map, which is useful information for the whole team.

How to get your loot: The Trials of Osiris feature a reputation ranking system. Your top loot reward from PvP matches is currently for:

  • Seven wins
  • 50 rounds
  • as well as the infamous flawless run that takes you to the lighthouse

This is the reward for a flawless run: Every week, a very special weapon awaits you on the lighthouse, which you get as a master version for your flawless run, i.e. 7 victories. You can earn the weapon until next Tuesday, February 21 at 18:00.

As a reward, there is always an adept weapon waiting for you if you made it safely into the lighthouse.

This week’s adept weapon is: The Unflinching Duty machine gun

destiny2 undying duty season19 trials champion weapon
Adept weapon is the MG “Unwavering Duty”

All Trials weapons have a Trials origin perk: Haste – Improves reload, stability, aim assist, and range when you’re the last member of your fireteam alive or fighting alone.

You can focus your testing engrams on your desired weapon at the 14th saint. On top there are Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Fragments. Keep in mind that once you have a complete pass, your reward increases even more – even if you lose a game or two.

When do the trials officially start? The Trials of Osiris begins today, February 10, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. and ends with the Weekly Reset, February 14, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

What do you think of the flood of information about Lightfall? Do you think it’s better that Bungie doesn’t keep much to itself anymore and that you now know what’s going on? Or was it better to be surprised? Let us know what you find more exciting in the comments.