Dragon Ball and Co. – RTL 2 brings back three cult anime from your childhood

Son Goku in Fortnite could soon become a reality.

Son Goku helped shape the golden RTL 2 era.

If you belong to the generation that, as a child, enjoyed spending the afternoons with the children’s program on RTL 2 (including Pokémon, Detektive Conan, Dragon Ball), the following news should awaken nostalgic feelings: the free TV channel is bringing after many years three of the most iconic anime from that time are back in the program – albeit only briefly.

Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon and Mila Superstar return to free TV

That’s what it’s about: The broadcaster RTL 2 is celebrating its 30th birthday and would like to celebrate with the return of some cult programs. So the broadcaster gave on the official website known that in addition to the Bollywood film “In good as in bad days” and two new editions “X-Factor: The Unbassbare”, three anime are also awaiting us:

  • Dragon Ball: The original series in which young Son Goku searches for the Dragon Balls.
  • Mila Superstar: A sports anime revolving around the young volleyball player Mila Ayuhara.
  • Sailor Moon: Usagi Tsukino and her friends fight against the Dark Kingdom with their magical powers – “Moonstone, fly and win!”

When is it time? The three anime series will be shown on March 5, a Sunday, from 1:20 p.m.:

  • from 1:20 p.m.: Mila Superstar (4 episodes)
  • from 3:10 p.m.: Sailor Moon (4 episodes)
  • from 4:50 p.m.: Dragon Ball (4 episodes)

More anime at GamePro.de:

What exactly is broadcast? The four episodes of each anime that will be shown were not mentioned. But it is quite conceivable that it is either the first four episodes of each series, or the four most popular (based on old quotas).

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Is there more to come? Unfortunately, no. At least no further broadcast plans were communicated. So we should be prepared for a brief reunion with young Son Goku, Mila and the Sailor Warriors.

What do you think of the action? Would you like more such cult anime on RTL 2 again?