Flight Simulator: Good news on live weather, Sim update 12 coming later

Flight Simulator: Sim Update 12 gets public beta test

from Thilo Bayer
Flight Simulator developers talk live weather, Sim Update 12 and upcoming World Update 12 in the weekly update.

Last week’s developer update from Asobo and Microsoft was about Sim Update 12, among other things. In the latest developer blog brings up the topic again, but also has good news for the problems with live weather.

Live weather is back

First things first: The ongoing issues with in-game live weather are said to be a thing of the past. As a reminder, live weather worked normally for some players, intermittently for others, and not at all for some. The cause was found and the bug fix was rolled out directly. So there should now be no more interference with the live weather system.

The developer blog continues with Sim Update 12. Asobo and Microsoft announced here last week that the first beta build will soon be passed on to willing testers. Now there is a delay here. The team continues to prepare the first beta, and there are no changelogs for the first SU12 beta patch yet. In the developer roadmap you can now see that the planned release date for Sim Update 12 has now been pushed back by a week. The release is now for 21.03. planned.

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There is no delay in World Update 12 with a focus on New Zealand. On 02/23 the next world update is still pending. The update includes more accurate terrain data, as well as dozens of new handcrafted landmarks and custom airports. Promises include nine detailed airports, seven photogrammetry cities, more than 30 points of interest, three landing challenges, and more. Working with the New Zealand government gives access to an extremely accurate landscape database.

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