GTA 6: Fan thinks he may have discovered the game’s theme song

GTA 6: Fan thinks he may have discovered the game's theme song

As is well known, there is a lot of speculation about GTA 6, be it the appearance and structure of the game world or the release date, which has now been narrowed down by the rumor mill to the next few years. Thanks to the major leak of gameplay footage in September 2022, which didn’t sit well with publisher Take-Two Interactive, fans have been meticulously developing new theories about GTA 6. Other Rockstar Games titles, most notably GTA 5, are often drawn upon as fans look for hidden clues to the next GTA entry, no matter how adventurous.

Has the theme song been spotted in GTA Online?

Now a new reference to GTA 6

Reddit user “xDeviuos_” played a bit with the playback speed of this theme and found that LS Nights at 0.75x speed is the same as GTA 5’s theme song, “Welcome to Los Santos”. As luck would have it, not only Los Santos is included as a drivable city in Race and Chase, but also Las Venturas, San Fierro and – of course – Vice City. Since the rumor mill is pretty sure that Vice City will be the location of GTA 6, in which you can also control a female main character for the first time, xDevious_ started the experiment again.

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He also played the “Vice Lights” theme, which is suitable for Vice City, in the arcade game at 0.75 times the speed. The Reddit user then concludes that the result could be the GTA 6 theme song. In the comments he receives approval for this idea. One user writes “very good observation”, another “holy shit, that’s a pretty clever idea.” Quite a few commentators can also make friends with the sound of the possible GTA 6 theme song.

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However, it should be noted here that three years ago a Reddit user drew attention to the Vice Lights theme and put forward the thesis that it could be the GTA 6 theme song. Apart from the modified playback speed, the idea is not new. However, the hopes of the fans could ultimately come to nothing, because if you believe the information in the GTA Wiki article to Race and Chase, Vice Lights should be based on the theme from GTA San Andreas. But whether that’s true, everyone has to find out for themselves with their ears.

Source: Reddit via Dexerto