Hogwarts Legacy Bug: Why the in-game face doesn’t match the created character

Hogwarts Legacy Bug: Why the in-game face doesn't match the created character

from Yusuf Hatic
One of the most visually noticeable bugs in Hogwarts Legacy relates to the in-game face, which for many players does not match the created character. On Reddit, a user seems to have tracked down the cause.

With Hogwarts Legacy, one of the most anticipated games of the past few months has been out for almost a week – developer Avalanche Software has promised an immersive adventure in the Harry Potter universe with the role-playing game, which should succeed, among other things, with the character creation typical of RPGs. In addition to the choice of house and wand, this allows the protagonist to have an individual look – but a bug in Hogwarts Legacy ensures that the face is replaced by standard animations during the game.

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Even after the first patch for Hogwarts Legacy, the problem with the facial animations was not fixed, so the reasons for the bug remained unclear. On Reddit, user 69MinuteMan describes the official Hogwarts Legacy subreddit

So the origin of the faulty in-game model seems to be less due to bad or completely omitted lighting effects and more to a classic animation bug. In the Reddit comments, the thesis is also put forward that the problem primarily occurs with female protagonists. Whether and when Avalanche Software will take care of the facial bug is also questioned – after all, this is not a serious problem, even if many players are annoyed by the faulty animations.

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Source: gamerant via Reddit